Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Experience Transformative Online Past Life Regression With DNA Energy Healing at Home. Access Lifetimes, Find Peace & Free Emotional Baggage Effortlessly.

Past Life Regression in London

Get your Past Life Regression done. Heal your past lives online with DNA Energy Healing Past Life RegressionProcess with safety & privacy from the comfort of your home.

Dr Brian Weiss’s latest book, “Many Lives, Many Masters,” and its coverage on local TV channels have brought attention to Past Life Regression—a practice highly valued by mystics for spiritual growth. Reincarnation or Past Life Regression is widely acknowledged in both the East and the West by Spiritual Masters as an essential aspect of life.

Past Life Regression helps answer life’s puzzling questions, like uncovering the roots of fears or understanding our deep connections with family members from previous times.

For some of us, the fascination to unravel the past comes from vivid dreams, phobias, and unexplained fears, whether it’s drowning in fire or falling from heights. Many accept the theory that strong memories of these events are stored in our cellular memory. Certain events in our current lifetime can trigger these memories, and depending on our state of mind, these memories can be challenging or bring about healing closure to the past.

Of course, good memories are also stored here, making us feel entirely at home in certain places, inexplicably drawing us to certain people, and urging us to seek our soul mate.

Making peace with the events of Past Life Regression brings about spiritual healing, freeing up a significant amount of emotional energy that you can channel constructively towards projects vital to you in the here and now. This ultimately aligns you with your life purpose.

Methods like Past Life Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Past Life Recall, Past Life Meditation, and Lucid Dreaming are popular ways of accessing Past Life Memories.

Our specially designed Past Life Sessions take you on a journey into your past. You will learn how to access lifetimes with ease and detachment, gain information about yourself and make peace with the incidents of the past so that you can get on with the vital process of living this lifetime fully and fearlessly.

Creating a safe environment with personal attention, ensuring a sense of completion with the past and empowering individuals to face reality with calmness and understanding are what our trained past life therapists help individuals achieve through Past Life Regression Therapy.

Past Life Regression ExperiencePast Life Regression Experience

“Past life regression makes you feel like you were someone else in a different time. During the session, you might feel like you’re living in that past life again, with the same body and people.

You could see vivid images, like a movie of your past life, and even sense familiar smells, sounds, and tastes. Environmental details, like textures, weather, and social situations, may also come to mind.

These sensations can be subtle or very distinct. The past lives that surface are often connected to your current challenges, gifts, circumstances, and relationships. It’s essential to focus on your experience honestly.

Usually, you don’t lose touch with your present self during these sessions. You’ll still know that you are you, undergoing a past life session, but with a feeling that you are a different version in another place and time.

Sometimes, people may relive traumatic experiences from their past lives. If this happens, try to stay calm and go with the flow. Getting distressed won’t serve the purpose of recalling those memories. If a trauma emerges, it’s likely relevant to your current life. Believers in reincarnation understand that our souls have undergone many deaths, though we won’t remember all of them.

The goal of a regression therapist is to help you remember and process crucial situations. Simply recalling these memories can significantly heal emotional scars and challenges in your present life. We often repeat what we don’t process.”

Past Life Regression Benefits

Past Life Regression Benefits

People explore Past Life Regression for various reasons, commonly a desire for self-discovery and understanding. As Past Life Regression therapists, we have successfully assisted individuals in delving into different aspects of themselves. Through regression, one can gain awareness of:

  1. Present Life Purpose and Plan: Understanding your current life’s purpose and plan.
  2. Connection to Family and Relationships: Exploring your connections with parents, siblings, and other vital relationships.
  3. Root Causes of Emotions and Fears: Discovering the origins of fears, feelings of guilt, anger, and phobias.
  4. Impact on Health: Identifying past life memories that might influence your health.
  5. Talents, Knowledge, and Abilities: Uncovering talents, knowledge, and abilities from past lives.
  6. Trauma and Death Experiences: Addressing past life traumas and experiences related to death.
  7. Between Lives Experiences: Exploring the experiences between past lives.
  8. Connection to Spiritual Guides and Deceased Loved Ones: Connecting with spiritual guides and deceased loved ones.
  9. Healing Grief and Loss: Utilizing regression for healing from grief and loss.
  10. Understanding Personal Attractions: Gaining insights into attractions to certain lands, people, and interests.

Engaging in Past Life Regression can provide a unique perspective on one’s journey, fostering self-awareness and aiding in personal growth.

We do Distant Healings with Divine Intuitive Psychic Wisdom and scientific SCANNING Instruments for Companies and individuals.

Embark on a Time Journey: Past Life Regression

Immerse yourself in a transformative blend of Divine Intuitive Psychic Wisdom, Scientific Scanning Instruments, DNA Voice Scanning, and the enlightening practice of Past Life Regression. Our holistic healing solutions offer a unique and effective way to address challenges at the DNA level, providing tailored insights and healing for individuals and companies alike. Experience the power of simplicity and precision in our approach, where answers and healing are accessible without needing extensive personal details.

Past Life Regression: Embark on a journey through time with our Past Life Regression sessions. Explore your previous incarnations to gain valuable insights into your challenges and strengths.

Tailored Healing for Your Energy Profile

Experience customized solutions with our expertise in over 72 remedial healing modalities. Through energy assessments, we identify fast and easy remedies tailored to your unique energy profile.

Effective, Swift, and Simple Results

Our consultations prioritize modalities that ensure effective, fast, and easy results. Whether it’s Astrology, Gemology, or another healing approach, we guide you toward transformative outcomes.

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Informed Decisions for Success

Explore personalized insights in business, profession, relationships, and health. Our consultancy services specialize in aligning choices with your unique needs, ensuring a tailored approach for success.

Holistic Healing at the Cellular Level

Experience holistic healing at the cellular DNA level through our scientific scanning instruments. From KALSARP and VASTU DOSH to past life regression, we address concerns, promoting health, wealth, and happiness. Convenient online consultations provide a private space for transformative experiences.

Numerology, Astro-Vastu, and Beyond

Unlock the secrets of your life with our expertise in numerology, astro-vastu, and more. Embrace a healthier, happier life as we delve into past life healing, balancing energies at the core for a harmonious and prosperous future. Please consult us over the phone for a comprehensive and personalized approach to your well-being.

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