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Healy Gold Edition

The Healy Gold Edition is designed for bioenergetic field harmonization, featuring Nuno Nina’s Gold Cycle, additional wellness programs, and the Healy device with its app. This edition includes:

  • Healy Gold for overall well-being.
  • Bioenergetic Support for energy and vitality.
  • Chronic Pain program for pain relief.
  • HealAdvisor Search module (added two weeks post-purchase) for personalized program recommendations.

Subscriptions for extra program groups and modules are available, allowing for customized health and wellness support tailored to individual needs.

Healy Gold Cycle Programs

Healy PureIdeal for first-time users, designed to help the body‘s energy field recover from environmental pollutants, toxins, and an unhealthy diet.52 minDetoxifies and improves cellular communication, enhancing recovery from environmental stressors.
Healy CareFocuses on strengthening the bioenergetic field, beneficial for preventing bioenergetic disorders and supporting the immune system.46 minStrengthens the bioenergetic field and immune system, addressing the root of acute and chronic diseases.
Healy BalanceAims for deep bioenergetic balancing of the body‘s overall energy field, particularly affecting the kidneys, circulation, lymphatic system, and hormones.52 minPromotes overall well-being by enhancing the bioenergetic balance of key bodily functions for health maintenance.
Healy BeingDesigned to help regain emotional balance and remain centered, acting as the emotional counterpart to Balance.55 minRestores emotional balance and centering, offering support during emotional turmoil.
Healy EnergyIncreases the ability to respond to life’s demands, suitable for athletes, stressed managers, or busy mothers.55 minBoosts energy and vitality, enhancing performance and the ability to handle stress and activity.
Healy RelaxAims to harmonize stress response, helping restore balance where stress causes imbalances in mind and body.55 minReduces stress and tension, promotes relaxation, and restores mental clarity and balance.
Healy ReleaseAddresses the energetic source of discomfort in the Bioenergetic Field, suitable for various types of pain caused by disease, injury, environmental toxins, or emotional trauma.46 minOffers a systemic approach to pain management, targeting the energetic source of discomfort for relief.

Healy Bioenergetic Support Programs

ProgramDescriptionDurationAdvantages of Harmonization
Healy Bioenergetic SupportSupporting, balancing, and harmonizing the Bioenergetic Field.78 minEnhances the overall balance and harmony of the body’s energetic field, supporting general wellness.
Healy CoherenceAims to enhance coherence, defined as the ability to respond flexibly and wholly to environmental stimuli, pursue life’s meanings, and maintain inner consistency and balance. It focuses on the harmonious interaction within an organism and between the individual and their community, fostering a strong sense of purpose and the creation of inner and outer order.54 minStrengthens sense of purpose, inner consistency, and the ability to create harmony within oneself and with the environment.

Healy Pain & Psyche Programs

Healy Chronic Pain ProgramRelief of chronic pain via the Central Nervous System (CNS).20 minutesMay reduce chronic pain, potentially minimizing the need for medication and enhancing daily living.
Healy Chronic Back Pain ProgramLocal relief of chronic back pain.20 minutesSpecifically targets back pain for localized relief, which can improve daily mobility and comfort.
Healy Tooth – Jaw Local ProgramLocal supportive treatment of pain in the mouth area.20 minutesProvides targeted relief for dental and jaw discomfort, aiding in oral health and recovery processes.
Healy Joints Local ProgramLocal relief of joint pain.20 minutesFocuses on alleviating joint pain, promoting joint health and facilitating easier movement.
Healy Migraine ProgramCranial treatment of migraine.20 minutesOffers a strategy for migraine relief, potentially reducing the frequency and severity of migraine episodes.
Healy Insomnia ProgramSupportive treatment of sleep issues via the CNS.20 minutesCan improve sleep quality, addressing disorders like insomnia for better rest and overall health.
Healy Depression ProgramSupportive treatment of depressed feelings via the CNS.20 minutesAids in managing symptoms of depression, supporting a return to emotional equilibrium and mental wellness.
Healy Anxiety ProgramRelief of anxious feelings via the CNS.20 minutesAims to alleviate anxiety symptoms, contributing to mental calmness and a more balanced state of mind.


Healy Holistic Health

The Healy Holistic Health package upgrades your experience with Healy World’s frequency therapy device, incorporating all the features of the Healy Gold Edition plus an extensive range of additional programs for comprehensive health support:

  • Bioenergetic Balance 1 & 2: Programs for balancing the body’s bioenergetic field.
  • Mental Balance: Aimed at supporting mental and emotional well-being.
  • Meridians 1 & 2: Targeted programs to optimize the flow of energy through the body’s meridians.
  • Sleep: Helps to improve the quality of sleep.
  • Skin: Focused on supporting skin health and appearance.

Healy Learning Programs

Healy Learning Syst. ProgramActivation of the Central Nervous System (CNS) for improved learning capabilities.57 minutesEnhances the ability to learn and retain information, especially beneficial when learning challenges have been persistent.
Healy Learning Acute ProgramSupports immediate learning enhancement through cranial stimulation.20 minutesProvides quick focus and retention support, ideal for immediate learning needs and enhancing the ability to concentrate amid distractions.
Healy Memory ProgramStimulation of brain metabolism for improved memory retention and recall.79 minutesBoosts brain metabolism, supporting knowledge retention and the formation of neural networks for easier information retrieval.
Healy Concentration Syst. ProgramOptimization of oxygen supply for enhanced concentration and focus.57 minutesAids in achieving higher states of concentration through systemic optimization of oxygen supply, supporting sustained focus.
Healy Concentration Acute ProgramImmediate support for concentration needs via cranial stimulation.20 minutesOffers acute assistance for concentration and focus, helping to manage distractions effectively for short-term tasks.
Healy Exam Syst. ProgramCranial stimulation support before exams to enhance performance and reduce anxiety.30 minutesPrepares the mind for exams by promoting relaxation and mental balance, reducing exam anxiety for better performance.
Healy Exam Acute ProgramBalancing of anxiety before tests for calmness and clarity.57 minutesTargets acute stress and anxiety before exams, fostering a state of calmness and mental clarity for optimal exam preparation.
Healy Stress Syst. ProgramMental balancing and stimulation of creative power for effective stress management.57 minutesAddresses deep-rooted stress related to learning, promoting mental balance and stimulating creative thinking for stress alleviation.
Healy Stress Acute ProgramImmediate mood improvement support via cranial stimulation for stress relief.30 minutesProvides immediate relief in times of acute stress, especially beneficial for creating a relaxed state conducive to learning.

Healy Fitness Programs

Healy Weight ProgramStimulation of the organs that eliminate waste products to support weight management.60 minutesSupports the body’s natural waste removal systems, aiding in weight management and detoxification.
Healy Muscle ProgramOptimization of cell regeneration for muscle recovery and health.39 minutesEnhances muscle recovery and regeneration, helping to restore and repair muscle tissue after physical activity.
Healy Circulation ProgramSupport of blood supply to enhance metabolism and overall circulatory health.30 minutesImproves blood flow and circulation, supporting metabolic health and the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to tissues.
Healy Performance ProgramActivation of life energy for improved performance in physical activities.60 minutesBoosts life force energy, enhancing athletic performance and physical activity endurance.
Healy Strength ProgramActivation of the musculoskeletal system to improve physical strength.60 minutesStrengthens the musculoskeletal system, promoting increased physical strength and resilience.
Healy Stamina ProgramOptimization of endurance capacity for better performance in extended physical activities.60 minutesEnhances cardiovascular health and stamina, improving endurance and performance during extended activities.
Healy Regeneration ProgramStimulation of vitality and recovery processes to promote physical healing and rejuvenation.57 minutesSupports the body’s natural healing processes, promoting recovery and rejuvenation after exertion.
Healy Deep Relaxation ProgramOptimization of the relaxation phase for deep rest and stress reduction.24 minutesInduces deep relaxation and stress relief, enabling the body to reset and restore during rest periods.

Healy Job Programs

Healy Activation ProgramStimulation of mental clarity and focus, ideal for an active professional life and overcoming mental fatigue.57 minutesEnhances mental clarity and focus, crucial for high performance in professional settings and overcoming mental fatigue.
Healy Positive Thoughts ProgramEncourages a positive mental outlook and orientation towards constructive thinking.45 minutesFosters a positive mental outlook, aiding in the development of a constructive and optimistic thought process.
Healy Balance Nerves ProgramPromotes the beta state for mental and emotional balance, supporting stress resistance.60 minutesPromotes mental and emotional balance by encouraging the beta brainwave state, enhancing focus and stress resilience.
Healy Fatigue ProgramReduces stressors energetically to alleviate feelings of fatigue and support recovery.60 minutesAids in reducing the impact of stressors that contribute to fatigue, supporting energy recovery and overall vitality.
Healy Exhaustion Syst. ProgramBalances adrenal hormones bioenergetically to combat exhaustion and promote energy restoration.60 minutesTargets systemic issues related to adrenal fatigue, supporting hormone balance and energy restoration for improved endurance and well-being.
Healy Exhaustion Acute ProgramProvides immediate support for stress resistance via cranial stimulation, targeting acute exhaustion.20 minutesOffers quick relief from acute exhaustion, supporting stress resistance and energy balance during demanding times.
Healy Extreme Stress ProgramSupports mental and physical balance under conditions of extreme stress, helping to maintain equilibrium.60 minutesAids in maintaining mental and physical balance during periods of extreme stress, promoting equilibrium and resilience.

Healy Sleep Frequency Programs

Healy Sleep Systemic ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field for optimizing the sleep phase.51 minutesAids in optimizing the sleep phase, promoting entry into the delta state of deep sleep for restorative rest.
Healy Bed Rest ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field to promote a relaxed mood.55 minutesEncourages relaxation and recovery by promoting parasympathetic nervous system functions, aiding in rest and digestion.
Healy Balanced Sleep ProgramBioenergetic harmonization of the sleep phase.52 minutesBalances the deep sleep phase, supporting the body’s ability to achieve and maintain restful and restorative sleep.
Healy Fine Flow ProgramBioenergetic activation through supporting the flow in the body.20 minutesSupports the movement of ions and charged particles in the body, regulating neuronal communication and hormone release to foster healthy sleep states.

Healy Skin Care Programs

Healy Skin Energy ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field for firm skin.51 minEnhances skin firmness by harmonizing the bioenergetic field, promoting a more youthful and radiant skin appearance.
Healy Skin Harmony Local ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the skin cells.30 minTargets and harmonizes the bioenergetic field at a cellular level, supporting the health and vitality of the skin.
Healy Skin Harmony Systemic ProgramEnergetic balancing of the skin.60 minSystemically balances the skin’s energy, promoting overall skin health and addressing widespread skin concerns.
Healy Skin Impurity Systemic ProgramHarmonization of energetic impurities.60 minAids in detoxifying the skin at an energetic level, helping to clear impurities and promote clearer skin.
Healy Scar Harmony Systemic ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field to balance interference fields.60 minSystemically addresses and balances the bioenergetic field around scars, aiding in the reduction of their impact.
Healy Scar Harmony Local ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of scar tissue.20 minProvides targeted harmonization of scar tissue’s bioenergetic field, potentially reducing visibility and discomfort.

Healy Resonance Edition

The Healy Resonance Edition offers a comprehensive approach to wellness with lifetime access to a wide array of program groups and three app modules, designed to support bioenergetic balance, mental health, physical fitness, and more. This edition includes:

Gold CycleBioenergetic SupportExpert Program Page
Bioenergetic Harmony 1Bioenergetic Harmony 2Mental Balance
Meridians 1Meridians 2Chakras
FitnessLocal StimulationSleep
The Power of Three

HealAdvisor Modules:

  • HealAdvisor Search Module (free in the first week)
  • HealAdvisor Analyse Resonance Module

Additional subscriptions are available for more personalized care.

Healy Mental Balance Programs

Healy Inner Strength Syst. ProgramPromotes self-confidence and reduces anxiety through energetic support, ideal for moments of insecurity or nervousness.51 minutesEnhances self-confidence and reduces feelings of anxiety, supporting personal empowerment in challenging situations.
Healy Emotional Well-Being ProgramBalances emotional blockages energetically, facilitating emotional stability and well-being.51 minutesAids in releasing emotional blockages, promoting emotional stability and well-being for a healthier emotional state.
Healy Feel Good Syst. ProgramActivates confidence and combats feelings of dejection through energetic stimulation, encouraging a positive self-image.51 minutesBoosts confidence and combats low mood, encouraging positive self-perception and resilience against feelings of dejection.
Healy Contentment Syst. ProgramAids in balancing the inner sense of self to help avoid addictive and compensatory behaviors through energetic support.60 minutesPromotes a sense of contentment and well-being, helping to prevent reliance on addictive or compensatory behaviors.
Healy Contentment Acute ProgramProvides immediate inner balance support via cranial stimulation, aiding recovery from addictive behaviors like nicotine addiction.20 minutesOffers quick support for overcoming cravings and addictive behaviors, promoting inner balance and contentment in acute situations.
Healy Inner Unity ProgramEnergetically reorganizes the sense of psychic wholeness, supporting internal coherence and unity.55 minutesSupports the restoration of psychic wholeness, enhancing personal coherence and the sense of unity within oneself.
Healy Well-Being Soul ProgramBalances energetically to support the avoidance of compulsive behavior, promoting a sense of well-being at a soul level.51 minutesHelps in managing compulsive behaviors, moving towards harmony and fulfillment from within, promoting soul-level well-being.
Healy Mental Balance Acute ProgramImmediate support for mental balance via cranial stimulation, offering quick relief and stabilization during acute mental imbalance episodes.20 minutesProvides rapid support for mental balance and positive thinking, especially useful in moments of acute mental stress or imbalance.

Healy Beauty Programs

Healy Inner BeautySupports the coherence and expression of the energetic field, reflecting on outer beauty through inner balance and wellness.45 minutes
Healy HairStimulates the follicles energetically to support hair health and vitality.60 minutes
Healy SkinFosters the epidermis energetically, aiming to improve skin health and appearance.60 minutes
Healy AgingSupports the cell organelles energetically for anti-aging effects, promoting cellular health and longevity.57 minutes
Healy NailsStimulates the nail bed energetically to support the health and appearance of nails.42 minutes
Healy Skin ElasticityPromotes the lymphatic system energetically to enhance skin elasticity and firmness.51 minutes

Healy Bioenergetic Harmony 1 Programs

Healy Immune SystemSupports our body’s defense system energetically for enhanced immune response.
Healy ChillingProvides energetic calming towards our mucous membranes to support their protection, similar to skin lines.
Healy Hyper-sensitivityOffers energetic balancing to help the body recover from overreactions to irritants, addressing allergies.
Healy EyesProvides energetic support for visual ability, aiding in eye health and function.
Healy HormonesOffers energetic support for the body’s hormones, aiding in the balance of the body‘s chemical messengers.
Healy IntestineProvides energetic support for the body’s natural tendency toward balance, focusing on intestinal health.
Healy NervesOffers energetic harmonization to promote relaxation throughout the body, focusing on nerve health.
Healy FlexibilityProvides energetic support for movement, enhancing joint and muscle flexibility.
Healy Circulatory SystemSupports the body’s energy delivery system energetically, enhancing cardiovascular health.
Healy PotencyEnergetically supports the balance of the reproductive organs, aiding in reproductive health.
Healy MenopauseOffers energetic support to help relieve menopause symptoms, aiding in hormonal balance during menopause.
Healy Menstruation LocalProvides local relaxation of the lower abdomen, specifically targeting menstrual discomfort.

Healy Bioenergetic Harmony 2 Programs

Healy Gastrointestinal HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of digestion.60 min
Healy Bacteria HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the energetic defense system.60 min
Healy Tonsil HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the tonsils.60 min
Healy Liver HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the liver.52 min
Healy Food ImbalanceHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field for food consumption.60 min
Healy ImpuritiesHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field in case of impurities.60 min
Healy Head HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field to reduce tension.72 min
Healy Prostate HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the prostate.60 min
Healy Lung HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the lungs.52 min
Healy Thyroid Gland HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the thyroid gland.60 min
Healy Joints-Bones HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the joints and bones.72 min
Healy Sciatica Nerve Harmony LocalHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the sciatic nerve, targeting local relief.20 min

Healy Meridians 1 Programs

Healy Allergy Meridian ProgramEnergetically desensitizes the energy flow to alleviate allergy symptoms.60 minutesAims to reduce sensitivity to allergens by energetically desensitizing the body’s response, potentially easing allergy symptoms.
Healy Connective Tissue ProgramRegulates energy in the connective tissue for improved health and function.51 minutesSupports the health and function of connective tissue, which can enhance flexibility and overall structural integrity.
Healy Bladder ProgramBalances the bladder energy control for better urinary health.51 minutesAids in balancing urinary function and health by regulating bladder energy, potentially improving urinary system function.
Healy Large Intestine ProgramHarmonizes the energy field of the large intestine to support digestive health.51 minutesPromotes digestive health by harmonizing the energy field of the large intestine, supporting effective digestion and elimination.
Healy Small Intestine ProgramBalances the energy control of the small intestine for optimal digestion and absorption.51 minutesEnhances digestion and nutrient absorption by energetically balancing the small intestine’s function.
Healy Fatty Degeneration ProgramRegulates cell update energetically, aiming to improve cellular health.51 minutesSupports cellular health by energetically regulating lipid metabolism and processing, potentially aiding in fat burning and energy utilization.
Healy Gall Bladder ProgramRegulates the digestion of fat energetically for better metabolic health.51 minutesAids in the energetic regulation of fat digestion, supporting gall bladder health and overall metabolic function.
Healy Joints ProgramBalances the flexibility energetically to support joint health and mobility.51 minutesEnhances joint health and mobility by energetically supporting connective and joint tissue, promoting flexibility and ease of movement.
Healy Skin ProgramPromotes the energy pathways of the skin energetically for improved skin health.51 minutesSupports skin health by energetically promoting optimal energy pathways, potentially enhancing skin vitality and appearance.
Healy Heart ProgramStimulates the heart energy for enhanced cardiovascular health and emotional well-being.63 minutesBoosts cardiovascular health and emotional well-being by energetically stimulating the heart’s energy, supporting heart function and emotional balance.

Healy Meridians 2 Programs

Healy Hormonal Balance ProgramAims to energetically balance hormones for overall well-being.51 minutesSupports hormonal equilibrium, potentially improving mood, energy levels, and overall hormonal health for better systemic well-being.
Healy Circulation ProgramEnhances blood circulation energetically for improved health and vitality.51 minutesAids in optimizing blood flow, which is crucial for transporting oxygen and nutrients, supporting cardiovascular health and vitality.
Healy Liver ProgramSupports liver metabolism energetically for detoxification and metabolic health.54 minutesEnhances liver function for better detoxification and metabolism, contributing to overall health by processing toxins and supporting digestion.
Healy Lungs ProgramBalances respiratory system energetically for better breathing and lung health.51 minutesPromotes respiratory health, aiding in better breathing and lung function, which is essential for oxygen intake and carbon dioxide expulsion.
Healy Lymphatic System ProgramStimulates the lymphatic system energetically to support immune health and detoxification.51 minutesSupports the immune system and detoxification by stimulating the lymphatic system, helping to remove waste and fight infection.
Healy Stomach ProgramHarmonizes gastric function energetically for digestive health.51 minutesEncourages healthy gastric function, supporting the initial digestion process and nutrient breakdown for improved digestive health.
Healy Spleen / Pancreas ProgramEnergizes the spleen and pancreas for improved metabolic function and energy balance.51 minutesSupports spleen and pancreas health, vital for metabolic functions and balancing blood sugar levels, contributing to overall energy and metabolic health.
Healy Nerve Meridian ProgramHarmonizes nerve function energetically for stress relief and neurological health.51 minutesAids in balancing nerve function, offering stress relief and supporting neurological health for improved nerve communication and function.
Healy Kidney ProgramSupports fluid balance and kidney health energetically.54 minutesEnhances kidney function, crucial for maintaining fluid balance, filtering waste, and managing blood pressure, contributing to overall urinary and systemic health.
Healy Organ Meridian ProgramAims to harmonize the energy flow of the organs for systemic health.54 minutesPromotes the harmonious function and energy flow among organs, supporting cohesive systemic health by ensuring that each organ efficiently performs its specific functions.

Healy Chakras Frequency Programs

ProgramDescriptionDurationAdvantages of Harmonization
Healy Crown ChakraHarmonization of the energies of the crown chakra.33 minEnhances spiritual connection and understanding of the universe.
Healy Third Eye ChakraHarmonization of the energies of the third eye chakra.33 minImproves intuition, insight, and foresight.
Healy Throat ChakraHarmonization of the energies of the throat chakra.33 minFacilitates better communication and self-expression.
Healy Heart ChakraHarmonization of the energies of the heart chakra.33 minPromotes love, compassion, and emotional balance.
Healy Solar Plexus ChakraHarmonization of the energies of the solar plexus chakra.33 minBoosts self-esteem, confidence, and personal power.
Healy Sacral ChakraHarmonization of the energies of the sacral chakra.33 minEnhances creativity, pleasure, and emotional well-being.
Healy Root ChakraHarmonization of the energies of the root chakra.33 minSupports grounding, stability, and physical energy.

Healy The Power of Three

Bioenergetic Rebalance

ProgramDescriptionDurationAdvantages of Harmonization
Conflict Balance ProgramDesigned to harmonize conflicts on different levels, affecting emotional, mental, and physical stress.54 minAids in reducing stress caused by conflicts and promotes overall balance.
Defense Support ProgramAims to rebalance the Bioenergetic Field in response to conflicts and external stressors, improving defense system balance.66 minEnhances the body’s adaptive responses to external challenges and stress.
Friendly Flora ProgramSupports a synergistic energetic relationship between the organism’s fields and its microorganisms for bioenergetic harmony.66 minPromotes harmony between body and microflora, supporting emotional and mental balance.
Rebalance ProgramSpecifically designed to harmonize imbalances in the Bioenergetic Field caused by physical events.102 minTargets and harmonizes severe bioenergetic imbalances for improved wellbeing.

Universal Frequencies

ProgramDescriptionDurationAdvantages of Harmonization
Classical Physical ProgramClassical basic frequencies combined with Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies (IMF).53 minSupports physical health and balance with time-tested frequencies.
Classical Energetic ProgramAdditional classical frequencies combined with IMF for energetic health.44 minEnhances energetic balance and vitality using a blend of classical frequencies.
Zapper Protocol ProgramThe classic Zapper protocol harmonizing the Bioenergetic Field and parasitic bioenergetic fields.79 minAims to reduce parasitic bioenergetic influences for improved energy levels.

Digital Ayurveda

ProgramDescriptionDurationAdvantages of Harmonization
Kapha ProgramHarmonizes the Bioenergetic Field if Kapha is imbalanced, according to Ayurvedic principles.54 minTargets and balances Kapha for enhanced physical structure and fluid balance.
Pitta ProgramHarmonizes the Bioenergetic Field if Pitta is imbalanced, based on Ayurvedic insights.42 minAims to balance Pitta, promoting metabolism and transformation processes.
Vata ProgramHarmonizes the Bioenergetic Field if Vata is imbalanced, following Ayurvedic wisdom.42 minFocuses on balancing Vata for improved movement and communication in the body.

Healy Resonance Plus Edition

The Healy Resonance Plus Edition is the latest offering available for online purchase worldwide, bringing an enhanced approach to holistic health and well-being. This edition grants lifetime access to 124 Healy Frequency Programs across various program groups, supplemented by four advanced app modules for a comprehensive health management system.

Gold CycleBioenergetic SupportExpert Program Page
Bioenergetic Harmony 1Bioenergetic Harmony 2Mental Balance
Meridians 1Meridians 2Chakras
FitnessLocal StimulationSleep
The Power of ThreeDeep Cycle HLearning

HealAdvisor Modules:

  • HealAdvisor Search Module: This foundational module is added free of charge in the first week, enhancing the customization of your healing journey.
  • HealAdvisor Analyse Resonance Module: Dive deeper into personal resonance with frequencies for tailored health insights.
  • HealAdvisor Analyse Aura Module: Get a visual and analytical understanding of your aura for targeted energy work.
  • HealAdvisor Analyse Success Coach Module: Focus on personal growth and success through specialized coaching frequencies.

Subscriptions to additional program groups and modules are available, allowing for an even more personalized experience tailored to individual health and wellness goals.

Healy Deep Cycle H Frequency Programs

Healy Sensitive ProgramWell suited for sensitive individuals, including those affected by electro sensitivity.41 minOffers relief and acclimation to environmental sensitivities, promoting a sense of well-being.
Healy Pure Energy ProgramFocuses on balancing emotions, spiritual balance, and supporting well-being.62 minEnhances emotional and spiritual equilibrium, contributing to overall well-being.
Healy Energy Work ProgramIncreases energetic harmony, recommended for morning use.241 minBoosts energetic harmony and balance, ideal for starting the day with positive energy.
Healy Breath of Life ProgramAddresses energetic issues with lungs and surrounding organs, aiding in feelings related to weakness and sadness.60 minSupports lung health and emotional well-being, particularly for respiratory and related emotional challenges.
Healy Clean All ProgramFollows energetic purification to support all purification pathways, releasing old blockages from the energetic body and mind.63 minAids in the detoxification process, clearing energetic blockages for improved health.
Healy Digest All ProgramRecommended for disharmonies in the energetic field of digestion.60 minSupports digestive health and addresses energetic imbalances in digestion.
Healy Go to the Roots ProgramSuitable for addressing the root energetic causes of mental and emotional patterns after initial recovery.72 minTargets deeper energetic roots of mental and emotional patterns for comprehensive healing.
Healy Free Flow ProgramHarmonizes the energetic field of circulation, suitable after basic kidney and lung harmonization or for general stiffness.65 minPromotes better circulation and flexibility within the energetic field.
Healy Renewal ProgramDesigned for those seeking energetic harmonization.61 minEncourages renewal and rejuvenation on an energetic level.
Healy Kidney Harmony Female/Male ProgramHarmonizes the energetic field of the kidneys and related processes, using electrodes at K5 to K6 for stimulation.65 min/76 minAids in kidney health and balances energetic processes related to renal function.
Healy Pure Calm ProgramContributes to inner peace, emotional, and spiritual balance.65 minSupports achieving a state of calmness and balance, enhancing inner peace and emotional stability.


Healy Professional Edition

The Healy Professional Edition is a comprehensive package that includes the Healy device and app, offering a wide range of program groups, individual programs, and modules designed to support various aspects of health and well-being.

HealAdvisor Modules:

  • HealAdvisor Search Module
  • HealAdvisor Digital Nutrition
  • HealAdvisor Bioenergetic Vitalization Module

HealAdvisor Analysis Modules:

  • HealAdvisor Analysis Resonance Module
  • HealAdvisor Analysis Aura Module
  • HealAdvisor Analysis Success Coach Module

Subscriptions to additional program groups and modules are available, allowing for an even more tailored experience to individual needs. Further details on these subscriptions can be found in the Subscription Information section.

Gold CycleBioenergetic SupportProgram Pain, Local PainExpert Program PageBioenergetic Harmony 1Bioenergetic Harmony 2
Mental BalanceMeridians 1Meridians 2ChakrasFitnessStimulation
SleepThe Power of ThreeDeep Cycle HLearningSkinBioenergetic Defense

Healy Bioenergetic Vitalization Programs

ProgramDescriptionDurationAdvantages of Harmonization
Healy Regeneration IHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field to stimulate vitality first phase.36 minInitiates the revitalization process, boosting energy levels.
Healy Holistic SupportHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field for holistic support.37 minOffers comprehensive energetic support for overall health.
Healy Regeneration IIHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field to stimulate vitality second phase.36 minContinues the vitality enhancement process, further increasing energy.
Healy Nerve HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the nerves.38 minSupports nerve health and function, promoting relaxation and stress relief.
Healy Regeneration IIIHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field to stimulate vitality third phase.36 minCompletes the vitality enhancement process, maximizing rejuvenation.
Healy Pineal Gland HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the pineal gland.36 minSupports healthy sleep cycles and hormonal balance through pineal gland regulation.
Healy Bone HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the bones.32 minPromotes bone health and density, supporting skeletal strength.
Healy YouthHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field for optimization of the capacity for activity.25 minEnhances vitality and youthfulness, promoting active and energetic life.
Healy Tissue HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the tissue.36 minSupports tissue health and regeneration, aiding in healing and recovery.
Healy Epigenetic HarmonizationHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the cell epigenetics.36 minInfluences epigenetic factors for improved gene expression and health outcomes.
Healy StabilityHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field for stability.22 minPromotes emotional and energetic stability, grounding the individual.
Healy Cell HarmonyHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the cells.41 minReinforces cellular harmony and balance, enhancing overall cellular wellness.

Healy Digital Nutritional Mixtures 1 (Body)

ProgramComponentsAdvantages of Harmonization
Healy Brain HarmonyVitamin B1, B2, B6, Coenzyme Q10, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfur, Cobalt, Zinc, Glycine, PhenylalanineSupports cognitive function and mental clarity.
Healy Hair HarmonyVitamin B12, B2, B5, B9, Biotin, Inositol, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum, etc.Promotes hair health, growth, and strength.
Healy Skin HarmonyCoenzyme Q10, Selenium, Silicon Dioxide, Vitamin A, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B10, D, etc.Enhances skin health, elasticity, and complexion.
Healy Heart HarmonyCoenzyme Q10, Potassium, Sodium, Chlorine, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, MolybdenumSupports heart health and cardiovascular function.
Healy Head HarmonyChlorine, Iron, Vitamin B1, B10, B12, B5, B2, B6, Coenzyme Q10, SulfurAids in alleviating headaches and promoting mental well-being.
Healy Gastrointestinal HarmonyMagnesium, Molybdian, Vitamin B1, Copper, PotassiumSupports digestive health and gastrointestinal balance.
Healy Muscle HarmonyPhosphorus, Sodium, Carnitine, Calcium, Iron, Isoleucine, Glycine, Chromium, etc.Enhances muscle strength, endurance, and recovery.
Healy Nail HarmonyIron, Cysteine, Selenium, Vitamin B2, ZincPromotes nail health, growth, and strength.
Healy Nerve HarmonyVitamin B1, B6, B9, B12, B3, Isoleucine, Tryptophan, Molybdenum, Alanine, LiothyronineSupports nerve health, mental balance, and stress reduction.
Healy Kidney HarmonyVitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Taurine, etc.Aids in kidney function and electrolyte balance.
Healy Ear HarmonyManganese, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin E, B3Supports ear health and auditory function.
Healy Thyroid HarmonyIodine, Chromium, Selenium, PhenylalaninePromotes thyroid health and hormonal balance.

Healy Digital Nutritional Mixtures 2 (Metabolism)

ProgramComponentsAdvantages of Harmonization
Healy AgeVitamins A, B (various), C, D, K, Coenzyme Q10, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Citrulline, etc.Supports aging gracefully by enhancing overall metabolic health.
Healy Amino AcidsValine, Leucine, Threonine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Tryptophan, Lysine, Histidine, etc.Promotes protein synthesis and muscle repair.
Healy Alkaline PowderCalcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, GlutamineHelps in maintaining the body’s pH balance for optimal metabolic function.
Healy Connective TissueSilicon dioxide, manganese, vitamin C, glycine, proline, threonineSupports the health and regeneration of connective tissue.
Healy Blood HarmonyCopper, iron, molybdenum, vitamin B12, K, threonine, calcium, manganeseAids in blood health and the transportation of nutrients and oxygen.
Healy WeightVitamins B2, C, E, D, Iodine, Iron, Calcium, Selenium, Chromium, etc.Supports weight management and metabolic rate enhancement.
Healy Liver HarmonyVitamins E, C, A, D, B (various), K, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, etc.Enhances liver function and detoxification processes.
Healy MineralsSodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, chloride, levitationEssential for various bodily functions and overall health.
Healy Trace ElementsChromium, cobalt, iron, iodine, copper, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, etc.Supports metabolic processes and enzymatic functions.
Healy VeganVitamins A, B (various), C, D, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Iodine, etc.Meets nutritional needs specific to a vegan diet.
Healy Vit B ComplexVitamins B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10, B12, B13, B17Supports energy production, nervous system health, and mental well-being.
Healy Vitamin IntakeComprehensive vitamin support covering A, B (various), D, E, K, CEnsures adequate intake of essential vitamins for overall health.

Healy Digital Nutritional Mixtures 3 (Detox & Hormonal/Immune Systems)

ProgramComponentsAdvantages of Harmonization
Healy Alcohol IntakeVitamins B (various), E, D, Potassium, Selenium, Phosphorus, etc.Supports the body in recovering from the effects of alcohol consumption.
Healy AntioxidantsVitamins A, E, C, B2, B10, Flavonoids, Coenzyme Q10, Selenium, etc.Protects cells from oxidative stress and supports immune health.
Healy Lymphatic System HarmonySilicon dioxide, potassium, copper, zinc, calcium, etc.Supports the lymphatic system for detoxification and immune function.
Healy For WomenCalcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamins B5, B6, EAddresses specific nutritional needs and supports hormonal balance for women.
Healy SpiritualityVitamins B1, B3, B9, B12, E, D, K, Coenzyme Q10, Iron, etc.Supports emotional and spiritual well-being.
Healy ImpuritiesVitamins B (various), C, Choline, Cysteine, Methionine, etc.Aids in detoxification and cleansing of the body from various impurities.
Healy BirthCoenzyme Q10, Carnitine, Vitamin A, Zinc, ManganeseSupports the body in preparation for and recovery from childbirth.
Healy Hormonal System HarmonyVitamins B6, B9, B10, D, E, Zinc, Manganese, etc.Supports hormonal balance and the healthy functioning of the endocrine system.
Healy LibidoVitamin E & A, Zinc, ManganeseEnhances sexual health and libido through nutritional support.
Healy SensitivitiesVitamins B3, C, D, Calcium, Sulfur, etc.Aids in managing sensitivities and allergic responses for better well-being.
Healy DefenseVitamins A, C, E, Cysteine, Sulfur, etc.Strengthens the body’s defense mechanisms against pathogens.
Healy 2nd Plant SubstancesFlavonoids, carotenoidsSupports overall health through the benefits of phytonutrients.

Healy Digital Nutritional Mixtures 4 (Vitality/Sports/Other)

ProgramComponentsAdvantages of Harmonization
Healy EnergyVitamin B1, B2, B5, B7, Coenzyme Q10, Iron, Zinc, SeleniumBoosts overall energy levels and metabolic efficiency.
Healy FatigueVitamins B, Coenzyme Q10, Potassium, Sulfur, Iron, etc.Reduces feelings of tiredness and supports recovery from exhaustion.
Healy EyesightVitamin A, ZincSupports visual health and may enhance eyesight clarity.
Healy SportsVitamins C, D, B, Coenzyme Q10, Carnitine, Minerals, etc.Enhances physical performance, endurance, and recovery.
Healy MenVitamins C, E, D, B, Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, etc.Supports male health, vitality, and hormonal balance.
Healy RegenerationVitamins C, E, B6, B7, B13, Minerals, Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, etc.Promotes body regeneration and recovery processes.
Healy WomenVitamins A, C, D, E, K, B, Calcium, Iron, etc.Addresses specific nutritional needs of women for hormonal and overall health.
Healy ChildrenVitamins A, C, D, E, B, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, etc.Supports growth, development, and immune health in children.
Healy PsycheVitamins B, Sulfur, Zinc, Copper, Tryptophan, etc.Enhances mental well-being, mood balance, and stress management.
Healy SleepVitamin B3, Tryptophan, Glycine, GlutaminePromotes restful sleep and relaxation, aiding in sleep disorders.
Healy GrowthVitamin A, B9, B12, Zinc, Manganese, SeleniumSupports healthy growth and development.
Healy Skin HarmonyVitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, C, E, Minerals, Isoleucine, ThreoninePromotes skin health, aiding in clarity, elasticity, and regeneration.

Healy Digital Nutritional Mixtures 5 (Sports/Musculoskeletal/Cardiovascular/Metabolism)

ProgramComponentsAdvantages of Harmonization
Healy BreathVitamins A, B6, B9, B12, C, E, D, Minerals, Cysteine, EPA, etc.Supports respiratory health and enhances oxygenation.
Healy MotionVitamins C, E, A, B, Minerals, EPA, Carnitine, etc.Aids in joint and muscle mobility, enhancing fluidity of movement.
Healy CompetitionCarnitine, Minerals, Vitamins C, E, B6, Taurine, EPA, etc.Optimizes performance for competitive sports and endurance.
Healy StructureAlanine, Glycine, Proline, Minerals, Vitamin CSupports structural health of bones and connective tissues.
Healy MobilityVitamins B12, B6, A, C, E, D, K, Minerals, EPA, etc.Enhances physical flexibility and mobility, aiding in musculoskeletal health.
Healy ActivationVitamins B, C, D, Minerals, Coenzyme Q10, Carnitine, etc.Stimulates energy and readiness for physical activities.
Healy ReductionVitamins A, C, K, E, D, B, Minerals, EPA, Coenzyme Q10, etc.Supports metabolic reduction and weight management.
Healy ExertionCoenzyme Q10, Vitamins B6, B9, B12, C, D, Minerals, EPA, etc.Aids in recovery and energy replenishment after physical exertion.
Healy CirculationVitamins A, B12, B9, D, Minerals, EPA, Coenzyme Q10, etc.Enhances cardiovascular health and blood circulation.
Healy RigidityIron, Phenylalanine, Cysteine, Vitamins C, D, E, Minerals, etc.Aids in reducing physical rigidity and enhancing muscular flexibility.
Healy LifestyleVitamins B3, B9, B6, B8, B12, C, D, E, Minerals, Coenzyme Q10, etc.Supports a healthy lifestyle through balanced nutrition.
Healy EnergeticBroad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, Coenzyme Q10, carnitine, EPA, etc.Boosts overall vitality and energy for daily activities.

Healy Digital Nutritional Mixtures 6 (Metabolism/Hormonal System/Other)

ProgramComponentsAdvantages of Harmonization
Healy Tissue HarmonyVitamin C, D, Coenzyme Q10, B5, B10, B12, Selenium, Proline, Cortisone, etc.Supports tissue repair and regeneration, enhancing skin and muscle health.
Healy BioinformationVitamins A, E, B2, B6, B7, B9, B12, Methionine, Choline, EPA, etc.Aids in optimizing cellular communication and overall bioenergetic health.
Healy ComfortVitamins D, C, E, K, B9, Chromium, Magnesium, Coenzyme Q10, etc.Promotes a sense of comfort, reducing discomfort and enhancing well-being.
Healy ExhaustionVitamins B, Sodium, EPA, glutamine, taurine, corticosterone, etc.Reduces feelings of exhaustion and supports recovery and energy levels.
Healy For Mature WomenVitamins C, E, D, K, B2, B1, B9, B12, B6, selenium, magnesium, etc.Addresses the specific health needs of mature women for hormonal balance.
Healy PassionVitamin B6, B9, B12, D, Selenium, Zinc, Coenzyme Q10, Carnitine, etc.Enhances passion and vitality, supporting sexual health and energy.
Healy BalanceVitamins B6, B9, B12, D, E, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, etc.Supports hormonal and metabolic balance for overall homeostasis.
Healy ReliefVitamins B, Selenium, Ornithine – Arginine, C, D, Zinc, etc.Aids in relief from physical and mental stressors, promoting relaxation.
Healy Joy of Life5-HTP, Serotonin, Tryptophan, Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9, B10, etc.Promotes mental well-being, happiness, and life satisfaction.
Healy RecreationTryptophan, Serotonin, Magnesium, Vitamins B, C, Selenium, etc.Supports recreational activities by enhancing mood and energy.
Healy RestTryptophan, Serotonin, Melatonin, Glycine, Vitamins B, D, etc.Promotes restful sleep and relaxation for better recovery and health.
Healy Teeth HarmonyVanadium, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamins K, C, B6, Glucosamine Sulfate, etc.Supports dental health and the maintenance of strong teeth and gums.

Healy Soul Cycle Frequency Programs

ProgramDescriptionDurationAdvantages of Harmonization
Healy AcceptanceEnergetic harmonization of the ability to accept ourselves.51 minEnhances self-acceptance and promotes a positive self-view.
Healy Self-ConfidenceInner centering of the energetic field.60 minBoosts self-confidence and strengthens inner stability.
Healy ConfidenceEnergetic stimulation of the inner connection to yourself.51 minEncourages confidence in one’s abilities and decisions.
Healy SerenityStimulating the inner balance of the energetic field.60 minPromotes inner peace and reduces stress and anxiety.
Healy Inner BalanceEnergetic stimulation of the inner unity.51 minSupports emotional equilibrium and inner harmony.
Healy HappyPositive alignment of the energetic field.51 minElevates mood and encourages a positive outlook on life.
Healy EmotionsEnergetic support for processing emotions.60 minAids in emotional processing and resilience.
Healy BurdenEnergetic support for releasing.69 minFacilitates the release of emotional and energetic burdens.
Healy Aura PurePurifying the energetic field.60 minCleanses the aura, enhancing energetic clarity and protection.
Healy StimulationStimulating energetic regeneration.60 minPromotes energetic rejuvenation and vitality.
Healy Power ReserveStimulating the Bioenergetic Field.51 minBoosts energetic reserves for improved endurance.
Healy Energy BalanceBalancing the energy centers.69 minHarmonizes the chakras for balanced energy flow.


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