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Automatic Mind Training Benefits of Automatic Mind Training: Symphony of Brain Waves Types of Brain Waves SUCCESS PROSPERITY & ABUNDANCE

Prosperity & Success With Automatic Mind Training & Intuitive DNA Voice Scanning. Experience Healing, Hidden Abilities, Achieve Happiness Beyond Your Dreams.

Automatic Mind Training

The subconscious mind tirelessly operates 24/7, often unnoticed, absorbing stimuli that shape our thoughts and actions. While we lack control over a significant portion of this process, understanding its triggers and actively managing what we can is crucial.

Early Development: Infants encounter a myriad of stimuli, shaping their minds automatically. From faces and sounds to voices and tones, this initial mind preparation occurs in an evolving environment that supports future growth and development.

Types of Automatic Mind Training:

  1. Deliberate Training: Parents, peers, and formal education intentionally impart knowledge, experiences, and skills, laying the foundation for conscious learning.
  2. Incidental Training: Continuous learning from unplanned encounters and experiences provides unexpected lessons contributing to personal growth.

Benefits of Well Trained Mind

  • Stress Relief: Utilize the untapped power of your mind to relax, relieve tension, and lead a healthier, more productive life.
  • Goal Achievement: Set and achieve your goals, programming yourself for success.
  • Health and Wellness: Direct your mind’s influence on health, illness, and pain and expedite healing.
  • Learning Enhancement: Improve study habits grades, and accelerate learning through enhanced visualization and memory.
  • Positive Mindset: Develop and maintain a positive mental attitude despite external circumstances.
  • Habit Transformation: Replace bad habits with positive ones for greater success.
  • Alpha Brain Wave Mastery: Operate at the powerful alpha brain wave level for improved cognitive abilities.

Mind Training Brain Waves Chart

Mind Training Well Trained Mind Brain Waves Chart Types of Brain Waves Brain Waves Frequency

A mesmerizing symphony unfolds through synchronized electrical pulses in the intricate dance of our brain’s billions of neurons. This harmonized “neural network” orchestrates our thoughts, moods, and consciousness, generating what we know as brain waves.

Recorded first in 1924 by German physiologist Hans Berger, the electroencephalogram (EEG) has been pivotal in unveiling this rhythmic phenomenon. Berger’s invention marked a historic milestone in clinical neurology.

Brain waves, akin to cyclic waves, are detected through EEG, measuring electrical oscillations on the scalp. This ingenious device captures the essence of our cognitive and emotional states, revealing the dynamic interplay of synchronized neurons.

Comprising five bandwidths, brain waves create a spectrum of human consciousness. These waves constantly flux throughout the day and even during sleep, influenced by our activities, thoughts, and emotions—a testament to the automatic mind training that shapes our inner world.

In essence, the symphony of our brain waves paints a vivid portrait of our mental landscape, an ever-changing masterpiece sculpted by the intricate choreography of synchronized neurons.

Types of Brain WavesMind Training Well Trained Mind Brain Waves Chart Types of Brain Waves Brain Waves Frequency

5 Types Of Brain Waves Frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta

There are five brain wave frequencies: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. These are always in motion since the brain consistently produces waves at all rates, which does Automatic Mind Training.

Delta Brain Waves 0 Hz to 4 Hz (Slowest)

  • Frequency range: 0 Hz to 4 Hz (Slowest)
  • Too much: Brain injuries, learning problems, inability to think, severe ADHD
  • Too little low brain activity means an inability to rejuvenate the body and revitalize the brain.
  • Optimal: Immune system, natural healing, restorative/deep sleep
  • Increase delta waves: Depressants, sleep

Theta Brain Waves 4 Hz to 8 Hz (Slow)

  • Frequency range: 4 Hz to 8 Hz (Slow)
  • Too much: ADHD, depression, hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattentiveness
  • Too little: Anxiety, poor emotional awareness, stress,
  • Optimal: Creativity, emotional connection, intuition, relaxation
  • Increase theta waves: Depressants

Alpha Brain Waves (8 to 12 Hz)

  • Frequency range: 8 Hz to 12 Hz (Moderate)
  • Too much: Daydreaming, inability to focus, too relaxed
  • Too little: Anxiety, high stress, insomnia, OCD
  • Optimal: Relaxation
  • Increase alpha waves: Alcohol, marijuana, relaxants, some antidepressants

Beta Brain Waves (12 to 38 Hz)

Frequency range: 12 Hz to 40 Hz (High)
Too much: Adrenaline, anxiety, high arousal, inability to relax, stress
Too little: ADHD, daydreaming, depression, poor cognition
Optimal: Conscious focus, memory, problem-solving also
Increase beta waves: Coffee, energy drinks, various stimulants

Gamma Brain Waves 40 Hz to 100 Hz (Highest)

Frequency range: 40 Hz to 100 Hz (Highest)
Too much: Anxiety, high arousal, stress
Too little: ADHD, depression, learning disabilities
Optimal: Binding senses, cognition, information processing, learning, perception, REM sleep
Increase gamma waves: Meditation

Brain Waves Frequency for Success Prosperity & Abundance

Automatic Mind Training Programs can help you become everything you need to know to become more prosperous, happy, and successful beyond your wildest dreams.

You will discover hidden talents, strengths, and confidence that will enable and empower you to achieve whatever you desire through Automatic Mind Training.

You Can learn how to: 

  • Stop self-sabotage and eliminate success blocks and money fears. 
  • Achieve financial freedom and independence. 
  • Increase your income from 30% to 300% in sales, in your business, in your career. 
  • Dramatically increase your riches and abundance in all areas of life. 
  • Wield the most potent success secret in the universe. 
  • Magnetize yourself, your product, or your service with the magnetic marketing system. 
  • Discover the ideal way to make all the money you require. 
  • Step by Step process to increase your happiness, riches, and success. 
  • Make a giant leap in unleashing your hidden abilities, talents, and skills. 
  • Communicate like a pro and create great relationships. 
  • Tap into the incredible power of your “money mind”. 
  • Improve and better yourself at virtually anything and everything that you so choose.

Hence, Automatic Mind Training Happens with what Our eyes watch; Our Ears Listen to & Our Nose scenes, etc.

Healing Modalities and DNA Energy Level Analysis

Mind Training Well Trained Mind Brain Waves Chart Types of Brain Waves Brain Waves FrequencyOur center offers consultancy for over 72 remedial healing modalities, all tailored to provide effective, fast, and easy results. With a combination of modern scientific systems and Vedic processes, we conduct healing consultations at the DNA energy level. This includes addressing physical discomforts, diseases, and pains with pinpoint accuracy without needing personal details or astrological information.

Unlocking the Secrets of Success, Prosperity, and Abundance

In addition to mind training and DNA analysis, our programs aim to unlock your full potential for success, prosperity, and abundance. Discover hidden talents, eliminate self-sabotage, achieve financial freedom, and increase your income significantly. Our step-by-step processes empower you to tap into the incredible power of your “money mind,” communicate effectively, and make strides towards happiness and success.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: Our Commitment to Miraculous Results

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