Breath Work

Benefits of Breath Work

Breath Work Healing With Intuition, DNA Voice Scanning & Energy Scans. Explore Power Of, Rebirthing Therapy, & Conscious Energy Breathing For Holistic Well-Being.

Breath Work

Life pulses through space. Rebirthing therapy, conscious energy, and Breath Work breathe inspiration into every living reality embrace the profound connection between breath and life, awakening the essence of existence.”

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Breath Work

All matter is in a continual—state of particle exchange.

In humans, breathing Spiritual is biological. A spiritual expression that renews Life also. Propels awareness. It focuses on body-mind functioning in time and space.

Spirit of Breath

In this case, the Spirit of Breath also refers to the multi-dimensional. Collective intelligence naturally seeks harmony. Balance and fulfilment. It seems to surround. And guide the act of conscious breathing.

Working therapeutically with the Spirit of Breath. Inspires most aspects of the client-therapist relationship. And provides for a heightened. The sense of safety and honesty. Integrity and reality.

In general, the goal of any Breathwork Therapy is. To support people. In achieving a greater sense of self-awareness. An increased capacity for self-healing. And overall improvement in mental and physical. And spiritual well-being. Breathwork therapists. Or Breath Workers, as they are sometimes called. Guide participants through. Various therapeutic breathing techniques.

There are several kinds of breath works. Program available today. Many of which have similar foundations.

Holotropic Breathwork Near Me

Embark on a transformative journey with Holotropic Breathwork, offered in regions including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany. Whether you’re searching for local sessions or international workshops, our network is equipped with skilled facilitators ready to guide you through this powerful breathing technique.
Holotropic Breathwork

  • The goal is to achieve “wholeness” of mind, body, and spirit through facilitated sessions.
  • Certified practitioners guide participants through breath exercises with evocative music and occasional bodywork.
  • The technique induces altered states of consciousness and is often conducted in group settings.

Conscious Discipline Breathing (Rebirthing)

  • Leonard Orr’s Rebirthing therapy aims to release energy blockages stored in the body and mind due to suppressed trauma.
  • Participants practice “conscious connected circular breathing” to surface inhibitions and release tensions.
  • The therapy is said to promote deep relaxation and the release of subconscious issues and pent-up energy.
Rebirthing Therapy

The therapy is known as Rebirthing therapy. Work is a specific breathwork technique.          Rebirthing TherapyIts popularity is due to its simplicity. Which people can get quickly? Past the mind. And open the doors of the heart. Often, the clients are referred by the psychotherapist. The therapies are used in conjunction with each other. It is claimed it aids personal growth. By releasing past traumas. On the physical and mental. Emotional and spiritual levels.

How to do Rebirth breathing

Sessions usually last 2 to 2 and a half hours. It is recommended. A person has 10-12 sessions. Rebirthing breathwork is unrelated to other techniques. They were also named birthing’.

What Conditions Does Breath Work Treat?

Chronic pain
Anger issues
Addiction issues
Trauma and post-traumatic stress
Grief and loss
Emotional effects of physical illness

Although all forms of Breath therapy work Are centred on the act of breathing in and out, each model incorporates. It’s work exercises. Overall, Breath Work exercises involve deep. Focused breathing that lasts. For an extended period. Some examples include.

Continuous circular breathing. They are using full, deep breaths. Participants breathe in and out continuously. Without holding their breath at any point. This continuous in. And out creates a circle of breath.

Water immersion: The participant is. Partially or fully immersed in water and asked to breathe deeply. Either above the surface. Or with the aid of a snorkel. Although not as prevalent. As it was in the 1970s. This Rebirthing technique.
Has historically produced dramatic results.
20 connected breaths: The participant is asked. To breathe in and out 20 times. Four sets of four short breaths. And one deep breath. It is suggested that. The breathing is done through the nose. Participants may experience. “non-ordinary” states of consciousness due to this exercise.

Distant Healing with Divine Wisdom and Scientific Scanning

  • DNA Voice Scanning:
    • Get answers to your questions at the DNA level through Divine Intuitive Clairvoyance and (V O I C E) S C A N N N N G.
    • Pinpoint issues in areas like family, finances, and business for targeted healing without sharing personal details.
  • Personalized Guidance:
    • Discover what is best and lucky for you, covering aspects such as astrology, gemology, matrimonial alliances, careers, partnerships, and properties.
    • Receive 30-40 answers to your heart’s questions and insights into physical discomforts like diseases or pains.
  • Consultancy for Remedial Healing:
    • Access consultations for over 72 different remedial healing modalities, carefully chosen for effective, fast, and easy results at the energy level.
    • Determine what suits or doesn’t suit you in various aspects of Life, including business, profession, partnerships, and health treatments.
  • Healing for Various Issues:
    • Receive healing for Kalsarap, Shrap, Drishti (Evil Eye), Bhoomi, Graha, Vastu Dosh, Black Magic, Evil Spirit, Numerology, Astro-Vastu, Geopathic, Aura, Chakra, etc.
    • To achieve health, wealth, and happiness, utilize scientific scanning instruments for cellular DNA-level healing.
  • Remote Services Without Personal Details:
    • Avail all services over the phone without providing photos, astrology details, or horoscope information.
    • All healing processes, including past Life and Kosha DNA energy level work, combine modern scientific systems with Vedic processes.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed:
    • Rest assured, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a money-back policy, reflecting our confidence in the miraculous effectiveness of our healing system.
We do all the Breath Work Healing. With authentic Proofs of  Aura Photography. If desired, so that you are 100% satisfied also.

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