Healy Gold Edition


Healy Gold Edition

The Healy Gold Edition is designed for bioenergetic field harmonization, featuring Nuno Nina’s Gold Cycle, additional wellness programs, and the Healy device with its app. This edition includes:

  • Healy Gold for overall well-being.
  • Bioenergetic Support for energy and vitality.
  • Chronic Pain program for pain relief.
  • HealAdvisor Search module (added two weeks post-purchase) for personalized program recommendations.

Subscriptions for extra program groups and modules are available, allowing for customized health and wellness support tailored to individual needs.

Healy Gold Cycle Programs

Healy PureIdeal for first-time users, designed to help the body‘s energy field recover from environmental pollutants, toxins, and an unhealthy diet.52 minDetoxifies and improves cellular communication, enhancing recovery from environmental stressors.
Healy CareFocuses on strengthening the bioenergetic field, beneficial for preventing bioenergetic disorders and supporting the immune system.46 minStrengthens the bioenergetic field and immune system, addressing the root of acute and chronic diseases.
Healy BalanceAims for deep bioenergetic balancing of the body‘s overall energy field, particularly affecting the kidneys, circulation, lymphatic system, and hormones.52 minPromotes overall well-being by enhancing the bioenergetic balance of key bodily functions for health maintenance.
Healy BeingDesigned to help regain emotional balance and remain centered, acting as the emotional counterpart to Balance.55 minRestores emotional balance and centering, offering support during emotional turmoil.
Healy EnergyIncreases the ability to respond to life’s demands, suitable for athletes, stressed managers, or busy mothers.55 minBoosts energy and vitality, enhancing performance and the ability to handle stress and activity.
Healy RelaxAims to harmonize stress response, helping restore balance where stress causes imbalances in mind and body.55 minReduces stress and tension, promotes relaxation, and restores mental clarity and balance.
Healy ReleaseAddresses the energetic source of discomfort in the Bioenergetic Field, suitable for various types of pain caused by disease, injury, environmental toxins, or emotional trauma.46 minOffers a systemic approach to pain management, targeting the energetic source of discomfort for relief.

Healy Bioenergetic Support Programs

ProgramDescriptionDurationAdvantages of Harmonization
Healy Bioenergetic SupportSupporting, balancing, and harmonizing the Bioenergetic Field.78 minEnhances the overall balance and harmony of the body’s energetic field, supporting general wellness.
Healy CoherenceAims to enhance coherence, defined as the ability to respond flexibly and wholly to environmental stimuli, pursue life’s meanings, and maintain inner consistency and balance. It focuses on the harmonious interaction within an organism and between the individual and their community, fostering a strong sense of purpose and the creation of inner and outer order.54 minStrengthens sense of purpose, inner consistency, and the ability to create harmony within oneself and with the environment.

Healy Pain & Psyche Programs

Healy Chronic Pain ProgramRelief of chronic pain via the Central Nervous System (CNS).20 minutesMay reduce chronic pain, potentially minimizing the need for medication and enhancing daily living.
Healy Chronic Back Pain ProgramLocal relief of chronic back pain.20 minutesSpecifically targets back pain for localized relief, which can improve daily mobility and comfort.
Healy Tooth – Jaw Local ProgramLocal supportive treatment of pain in the mouth area.20 minutesProvides targeted relief for dental and jaw discomfort, aiding in oral health and recovery processes.
Healy Joints Local ProgramLocal relief of joint pain.20 minutesFocuses on alleviating joint pain, promoting joint health and facilitating easier movement.
Healy Migraine ProgramCranial treatment of migraine.20 minutesOffers a strategy for migraine relief, potentially reducing the frequency and severity of migraine episodes.
Healy Insomnia ProgramSupportive treatment of sleep issues via the CNS.20 minutesCan improve sleep quality, addressing disorders like insomnia for better rest and overall health.
Healy Depression ProgramSupportive treatment of depressed feelings via the CNS.20 minutesAids in managing symptoms of depression, supporting a return to emotional equilibrium and mental wellness.
Healy Anxiety ProgramRelief of anxious feelings via the CNS.20 minutesAims to alleviate anxiety symptoms, contributing to mental calmness and a more balanced state of mind.


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