Healy Holistic Health


Healy Holistic Health

The Healy Holistic Health package upgrades your experience with Healy World’s frequency therapy device, incorporating all the features of the Healy Gold Edition plus an extensive range of additional programs for comprehensive health support:

  • Bioenergetic Balance 1 & 2: Programs for balancing the body’s bioenergetic field.
  • Mental Balance: Aimed at supporting mental and emotional well-being.
  • Meridians 1 & 2: Targeted programs to optimize the flow of energy through the body’s meridians.
  • Sleep: Helps to improve the quality of sleep.
  • Skin: Focused on supporting skin health and appearance.

Healy Holistic Health

Healy Learning Programs

Healy Learning Syst. ProgramActivation of the Central Nervous System (CNS) for improved learning capabilities.57 minutesEnhances the ability to learn and retain information, especially beneficial when learning challenges have been persistent.
Healy Learning Acute ProgramSupports immediate learning enhancement through cranial stimulation.20 minutesProvides quick focus and retention support, ideal for immediate learning needs and enhancing the ability to concentrate amid distractions.
Healy Memory ProgramStimulation of brain metabolism for improved memory retention and recall.79 minutesBoosts brain metabolism, supporting knowledge retention and the formation of neural networks for easier information retrieval.
Healy Concentration Syst. ProgramOptimization of oxygen supply for enhanced concentration and focus.57 minutesAids in achieving higher states of concentration through systemic optimization of oxygen supply, supporting sustained focus.
Healy Concentration Acute ProgramImmediate support for concentration needs via cranial stimulation.20 minutesOffers acute assistance for concentration and focus, helping to manage distractions effectively for short-term tasks.
Healy Exam Syst. ProgramCranial stimulation support before exams to enhance performance and reduce anxiety.30 minutesPrepares the mind for exams by promoting relaxation and mental balance, reducing exam anxiety for better performance.
Healy Exam Acute ProgramBalancing of anxiety before tests for calmness and clarity.57 minutesTargets acute stress and anxiety before exams, fostering a state of calmness and mental clarity for optimal exam preparation.
Healy Stress Syst. ProgramMental balancing and stimulation of creative power for effective stress management.57 minutesAddresses deep-rooted stress related to learning, promoting mental balance and stimulating creative thinking for stress alleviation.
Healy Stress Acute ProgramImmediate mood improvement support via cranial stimulation for stress relief.30 minutesProvides immediate relief in times of acute stress, especially beneficial for creating a relaxed state conducive to learning.

Healy Fitness Programs

Healy Weight ProgramStimulation of the organs that eliminate waste products to support weight management.60 minutesSupports the body’s natural waste removal systems, aiding in weight management and detoxification.
Healy Muscle ProgramOptimization of cell regeneration for muscle recovery and health.39 minutesEnhances muscle recovery and regeneration, helping to restore and repair muscle tissue after physical activity.
Healy Circulation ProgramSupport of blood supply to enhance metabolism and overall circulatory health.30 minutesImproves blood flow and circulation, supporting metabolic health and the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to tissues.
Healy Performance ProgramActivation of life energy for improved performance in physical activities.60 minutesBoosts life force energy, enhancing athletic performance and physical activity endurance.
Healy Strength ProgramActivation of the musculoskeletal system to improve physical strength.60 minutesStrengthens the musculoskeletal system, promoting increased physical strength and resilience.
Healy Stamina ProgramOptimization of endurance capacity for better performance in extended physical activities.60 minutesEnhances cardiovascular health and stamina, improving endurance and performance during extended activities.
Healy Regeneration ProgramStimulation of vitality and recovery processes to promote physical healing and rejuvenation.57 minutesSupports the body’s natural healing processes, promoting recovery and rejuvenation after exertion.
Healy Deep Relaxation ProgramOptimization of the relaxation phase for deep rest and stress reduction.24 minutesInduces deep relaxation and stress relief, enabling the body to reset and restore during rest periods.

Healy Job Programs

Healy Activation ProgramStimulation of mental clarity and focus, ideal for an active professional life and overcoming mental fatigue.57 minutesEnhances mental clarity and focus, crucial for high performance in professional settings and overcoming mental fatigue.
Healy Positive Thoughts ProgramEncourages a positive mental outlook and orientation towards constructive thinking.45 minutesFosters a positive mental outlook, aiding in the development of a constructive and optimistic thought process.
Healy Balance Nerves ProgramPromotes the beta state for mental and emotional balance, supporting stress resistance.60 minutesPromotes mental and emotional balance by encouraging the beta brainwave state, enhancing focus and stress resilience.
Healy Fatigue ProgramReduces stressors energetically to alleviate feelings of fatigue and support recovery.60 minutesAids in reducing the impact of stressors that contribute to fatigue, supporting energy recovery and overall vitality.
Healy Exhaustion Syst. ProgramBalances adrenal hormones bioenergetically to combat exhaustion and promote energy restoration.60 minutesTargets systemic issues related to adrenal fatigue, supporting hormone balance and energy restoration for improved endurance and well-being.
Healy Exhaustion Acute ProgramProvides immediate support for stress resistance via cranial stimulation, targeting acute exhaustion.20 minutesOffers quick relief from acute exhaustion, supporting stress resistance and energy balance during demanding times.
Healy Extreme Stress ProgramSupports mental and physical balance under conditions of extreme stress, helping to maintain equilibrium.60 minutesAids in maintaining mental and physical balance during periods of extreme stress, promoting equilibrium and resilience.

Healy Sleep Programs

Healy Sleep Systemic ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field for optimizing the sleep phase.51 minutesAids in optimizing the sleep phase, promoting entry into the delta state of deep sleep for restorative rest.
Healy Bed Rest ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field to promote a relaxed mood.55 minutesEncourages relaxation and recovery by promoting parasympathetic nervous system functions, aiding in rest and digestion.
Healy Balanced Sleep ProgramBioenergetic harmonization of the sleep phase.52 minutesBalances the deep sleep phase, supporting the body’s ability to achieve and maintain restful and restorative sleep.
Healy Fine Flow ProgramBioenergetic activation through supporting the flow in the body.20 minutesSupports the movement of ions and charged particles in the body, regulating neuronal communication and hormone release to foster healthy sleep states.

Healy Skin Programs

Healy Skin Energy ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field for firm skin.51 minEnhances skin firmness by harmonizing the bioenergetic field, promoting a more youthful and radiant skin appearance.
Healy Skin Harmony Local ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the skin cells.30 minTargets and harmonizes the bioenergetic field at a cellular level, supporting the health and vitality of the skin.
Healy Skin Harmony Systemic ProgramEnergetic balancing of the skin.60 minSystemically balances the skin’s energy, promoting overall skin health and addressing widespread skin concerns.
Healy Skin Impurity Systemic ProgramHarmonization of energetic impurities.60 minAids in detoxifying the skin at an energetic level, helping to clear impurities and promote clearer skin.
Healy Scar Harmony Systemic ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field to balance interference fields.60 minSystemically addresses and balances the bioenergetic field around scars, aiding in the reduction of their impact.
Healy Scar Harmony Local ProgramHarmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of scar tissue.20 minProvides targeted harmonization of scar tissue’s bioenergetic field, potentially reducing visibility and discomfort.


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