Healy Resonance Plus Edition


Healy Resonance Plus Edition

The Healy Resonance Plus Edition is the latest offering available for online purchase worldwide, bringing an enhanced approach to holistic health and well-being. This edition grants lifetime access to 124 Healy Frequency Programs across various program groups, supplemented by four advanced app modules for a comprehensive health management system.

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Bioenergetic Harmony 1Bioenergetic Harmony 2Mental Balance
Meridians 1Meridians 2Chakras
FitnessLocal StimulationSleep
The Power of ThreeDeep Cycle HLearning

HealAdvisor Modules:

  • HealAdvisor Search Module: This foundational module is added free of charge in the first week, enhancing the customization of your healing journey.
  • HealAdvisor Analyse Resonance Module: Dive deeper into personal resonance with frequencies for tailored health insights.
  • HealAdvisor Analyse Aura Module: Get a visual and analytical understanding of your aura for targeted energy work.
  • HealAdvisor Analyse Success Coach Module: Focus on personal growth and success through specialized coaching frequencies.

Subscriptions to additional program groups and modules are available, allowing for an even more personalized experience tailored to individual health and wellness goals.

Healy Deep Cycle Programs

Healy Sensitive ProgramWell suited for sensitive individuals, including those affected by electro sensitivity.41 minOffers relief and acclimation to environmental sensitivities, promoting a sense of well-being.
Healy Pure Energy ProgramFocuses on balancing emotions, spiritual balance, and supporting well-being.62 minEnhances emotional and spiritual equilibrium, contributing to overall well-being.
Healy Energy Work ProgramIncreases energetic harmony, recommended for morning use.241 minBoosts energetic harmony and balance, ideal for starting the day with positive energy.
Healy Breath of Life ProgramAddresses energetic issues with lungs and surrounding organs, aiding in feelings related to weakness and sadness.60 minSupports lung health and emotional well-being, particularly for respiratory and related emotional challenges.
Healy Clean All ProgramFollows energetic purification to support all purification pathways, releasing old blockages from the energetic body and mind.63 minAids in the detoxification process, clearing energetic blockages for improved health.
Healy Digest All ProgramRecommended for disharmonies in the energetic field of digestion.60 minSupports digestive health and addresses energetic imbalances in digestion.
Healy Go to the Roots ProgramSuitable for addressing the root energetic causes of mental and emotional patterns after initial recovery.72 minTargets deeper energetic roots of mental and emotional patterns for comprehensive healing.
Healy Free Flow ProgramHarmonizes the energetic field of circulation, suitable after basic kidney and lung harmonization or for general stiffness.65 minPromotes better circulation and flexibility within the energetic field.
Healy Renewal ProgramDesigned for those seeking energetic harmonization.61 minEncourages renewal and rejuvenation on an energetic level.
Healy Kidney Harmony Female/Male ProgramHarmonizes the energetic field of the kidneys and related processes, using electrodes at K5 to K6 for stimulation.65 min/76 minAids in kidney health and balances energetic processes related to renal function.
Healy Pure Calm ProgramContributes to inner peace, emotional, and spiritual balance.65 minSupports achieving a state of calmness and balance, enhancing inner peace and emotional stability.


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