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Pinpoint Root Causes Answers to 30-40 Life Challenges With Intuitive DNA Voice Scanning On Phone. Heal Business & Relationships Through 72 Healing Modalities.

DNA Voice Scanning + Psychic Reading Near Me

Get your DNA VOICE SCANNING Over the Phone For 5500 INR or 66 USD

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(Each time you read, you will gain a more profound knowledge of the Process)

Looking for an accurate psychic reading? We don’t use traditional horoscope analysis because it relies on fixed birth details. Instead, we use DNA voice scanning over the phone. This method is 100% authentic and can significantly improve your life.

Our Psychic Readings are unique and personalized, unlike horoscopes. They analyze your voice to identify any challenges you may be facing. Our DNA Voice Scanning Method combines different techniques to offer accurate solutions for physical or emotional discomforts.

We use intuitive clairvoyance, scientific scanning instruments, shamans and DNA voice analysis to provide personalized solutions for enhanced well-being. Give DNA voice analysis a try today!

What types of psychic readings are available and which one is right for me?

Our unique Psychic Reading combines DNA Voice Scanning, Aura Reading, and other scientific instruments. It covers topics like tarot card reading, astrology reading, mediumship reading, and aura reading. Choose the type of psychic reading that resonates with you based on your needs and interests.

Subjects Covered in Psychic Medium with DNA Voice ScanningPsychic Reading Psychic Psychic Readings Psychic Medium California Psychics

  1. Business and Finance: Gain understanding and positive guidance related to your business, financial matters, disputes, court cases, loans, debts, and property concerns.
  2. Relationships: Receive harmonious analysis for Love Matters, marriage, family, relationships, and business partnerships.
  3. Career and Education: Receive constructive assistance in making career choices, planning, forecasting, and even foreign education or immigration decisions.
  4. Family Planning: Understand prospects for having children (progeny) and identify auspicious timings (Mahurat) with hope and positivity.
  5. External Factors and Their Impact: Discover if issues like KALSARP, PITRA, SHRAP, DRISHTI, BHOOMI, GRAHA, VASTU, BLACK MAGIC, EVIL SPIRITS, Numerology, Astrology, Geopathic stress, Aura, and Chakra imbalances are affecting you at a deep, cellular level.

Introducing the Method, an approach that transforms financial constraints into opportunities. Using DNA voice scanning and scientific Aura scanning instruments, the Process simplifies complex issues to find solutions.

Guided by Divine Master Grace, we understand your challenges and find paths to positive resolutions.

Experience genuine Clairvoyant Readings for physical and emotional well-being. Join us in person or online in [Your City/Area] for clarity. Find local Clairvoyants and Psychic Readers near me for guidance, reassurance, and real testimonials. Love psychics can help you find your soulmate through tarot card readings.

Topics Covered in DNA Voice Scanning Process

Energy Scanning: Looking for scanning services? Our intuitive abilities tap into your energy field and Astrological Charts, whether in-person or online. Visit us locally in [Your City/Area] or try Psychic Readings Near Me for a personal touch.

Discover a world of insights with our unique services:

  1. Astrological Charts: Uncover mysteries and gain fresh perspectives on astrological insights, even without traditional birth details.
  2. Matrimonial Alliances Compatibility: Find lasting connections and happy relationships through our matchmaking expertise and DNA voice scanning.
  3. Remote Sensing: Access information beyond physical boundaries with cutting-edge remote sensing capabilities.
  4. Akashic Records: Delve into your past lives, present situations, and future potential with DNA voice scanning and explore the vast library of Akashic records.
  5. Tarot Card Reading: Merge the wisdom of tarot cards with DNA voice scanning for unique and insightful personality decoding.
  6. Handwriting Analysis: Unlock mysteries of personality traits through accurate interpretations of handwriting and DNA voice scanning.
  7. Navagraha Positioning: Identify favourable and unfavourable planetary positions influencing energy levels and understand your Navagraha positioning.
  8. Aura and Chakra Cleansing: Evaluate and enhance aura and chakra balance, promoting overall well-being.

Experience knowledge and self-discovery with our innovative services tailored to diverse interests and preferences.

DNA Voice Scanning Process

Have you ever wondered how to trust the accuracy of a scan? We can help you understand the truth through our DNA Voice-Scanning Process.

Through us, You will know the Issue (Dosha) along with the effect of that in your life.

For Example, if we scan and say you have an EVIL EYE (Nazar Dosh).Through us,

 You will also know what you are facing in your life because of the EVIL EYE (Nazar Dosh).

When the same matching effect is there in your life, it becomes easier to believe in the genuineness of our findings.

Like this, you will know Around 30 to 40 Big to Small Doshas. And understand how they impact your life. Our skilled Psychics strive to provide mostly authentic and reliable information.

When a channel can decode the issues you’re facing in life, there’s a good chance that it can heal similar problems in your life.

Know which remedies can be beneficial with Our Psychic Readings
  • How Many Modalities of Remedies Required?
  • Whether the Remedies are Suiting & Getting Accepted?
  •  In how much time will it Give Desired Results, etc?
  •  How much percentage of the effect will happen?

We can help you identify helpful remedies and answer questions like

California Psychics Readings

Psychic Reading Psychic Psychic Readings Psychic Medium California PsychicsLooking for a psychic reading to help you feel better? Visit us in [Your City/Area] for personalized, in-person appointments. We offer services to help you find what’s best for you. Discover your energy level and get guidance to improve your life.

We offer the best psychic reading online to help you discover what is best and lucky for you. Our services include AstrologyNumerology, Gemology, Matrimonial Alliances, Career, Partnership, Properties, Medicines, Doctor, Treatment, Remote Sensing, Akashic Records, Tarot Reading, and Quantum Physics. Etc.


Aura Energy ScanningDuring challenging times in life when things don’t seem to go right, seeking the help of a Metaphysical Practitioner can be beneficial. There are various healing modalities available, such as astrology, numerology, Vastu, energy healing, and graphology.

It can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Our scanning process identifies effective healing modalities that deliver quick and easy results. At our centre, we specialize in over 72 remedial healing modalities and use energy-level scans and the Biofield Viewer to determine the best approach. Applying quantum physics principles helps us understand the interaction between the energy field and the universe.

We offer Reiki, Pranic Healing, acupuncture, and acupressure as part of our 72 healing modalities. Our goal is to provide effective and fast healing solutions using modern scientific systems and Vedic processes. We ensure 100% satisfaction with authentic proofs and a money-back guarantee.

We are not working on Assumptions. We work on the confirmed Authentic knowledge of healing for every individual in a unique way. Hence, we have complete faith in the miraculous working of our System.

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Unlock Your Energy Potential with Biofield Viewer and Aura Reader Software

Accurate psychic reading

We can evaluate your energy centers using the Biofield Viewer aura scanner. Our practitioners can detect disturbances in chakras and advise on business, partner compatibility, and more.

Our Aura Reader Software balances body, mind, and spirit. We assess health using DNA voice scanning and aura imaging software to analyze energy dynamics.

Our system detects positive and negative vibrations in the aura to provide insights into relationships, work, obstacles, and overall health. We restore balance and advise on Aura and Chakra Cleansing if required.

To assess energy levels we use Aura Analysis photography software to visually represent aspects of the human energy field.

Maintaining Balance: Unveiling the Secrets of Health and Wellness

The human body adapts to various factors like changes, stressors, food choices & life events. We do not fall sick in one day. Modern times make these disturbances worse than before. Symptoms often hide the underlying causes making accurate treatment a challenge.

These disturbances affect our energy and physical bodies continuously. Taking the wrong medication during such times can lead to severe long-term side effects. The body takes its toll and succumbs to illness and disease.

To Book Our Services, contact us via email or phone call. You can also reach us through WhatsApp on our mobile number (00) +91 8121647878. We provide mobile consultation for our services.

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