Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

Embrace clear communication and self-expression with Throat Chakra DNA Voice Scanning and Healing. Discover your chakra’s balance & unlock your authentic voice

Throat ChakraThe Throat Chakra is the gate to a truthful existence and the communication centre of the body. throat chakra healing the centre that handles incoming and outgoing messages. Through the Throat we voice our opinions, beliefs, and truths, express the self and try to make sense of this world. Speech can inspire others and add to the flow of mutual influence. A challenge of the throat chakra is to express ourselves in the most truthful manner.

Throat Chakra Healing

Representing Color: Blue
Location of the Chakra in the Body: Throat

Main Characteristic Associated with the Chakra

The Throat Chakra powers our self-expression, creativity, and artistic side. The search for your inner & spiritual voice is looking for “the pure place”, the meaning of  Visuddha. The Throat is responsible for decision making and the ability to speak up for yourself.

Throat Chakra Balancing

Throat Chakra HealingThroat Chakra Balancing

Restoring balance to the throat chakra can bring about significant positive changes:

  • Clear and Effective Communication: A balanced throat chakra allows us to express ourselves with clarity, authenticity, and confidence. We can effectively communicate our thoughts, feelings, and ideas, fostering stronger relationships and understanding.

  • Empowered Self-Expression: When the throat chakra is in harmony, we find the courage to express our truth, share our creative gifts, and stand up for what we believe in. We become powerful communicators, inspiring and influencing others.

  • Authentic Leadership: A balanced throat chakra empowers us to take on leadership roles, articulate our vision, and motivate others to join us in our endeavors. We become inspirational leaders who make a positive impact on the world.

Throat Chakra Imbalanced

Signs of An imbalanced throat chakra can manifest in various ways:

  • Communication Difficulties: When the throat chakra is blocked, we may experience difficulty expressing ourselves, shyness, or a tendency to withhold our true feelings.
  • Self-Doubt and Insecurity: An imbalanced throat chakra can lead to self-doubt, fear of public speaking, or a lack of confidence in our ability to make our voices heard.
  • Creative Blocks and Frustration: When the throat chakra is blocked, we may experience difficulty expressing our creative ideas, leading to frustration and a sense of stagnation.

Balance your Visuddha Chakra: Energizing ideas for your blue energy:

  • Sing your throat out in the shower.
  • Watch an art exhibition and share your thoughts with others.
  • Use aroma therapeutic oil extracts that regenerate blue energy such as geranium, mint, lemon and petitgrain.
  • Decorate your room with blue tones.
  • Attend spiritual events.
  • Wear or carry a blue gemstone such as Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Blue Agate.
  • Affirmations and Visualization: Use positive affirmations and visualizations to reinforce feelings of courage, self-expression, and authenticity. Imagine yourself speaking with confidence and inspiring others with your words.

  • Engaging in Healthy Debates and Discussions: Participate in healthy debates and discussions, respectfully expressing your opinions and listening to others’ perspectives. This practice strengthens your communication skills and enhances your ability to articulate your thoughts.

Here are some simple ways to balance the throat chakra:

1. Write a 3-page journal

A blocked fifth chakra can cause you to filter your speech and hold back on things you want to say.

Write a 3-page journal every day. Write anything that comes to your head, without filtering your words. Just pour your mind on to your notebook without caring much about whether it makes sense or not.

2. Pause

Pause before talking and pause to listen.

An unbalanced throat chakra might cause you to speak uncontrollably or stop you from really listening. Pausing is a good practice to balance the vi shud DHA.

3. Sing

You can start by simply chanting Om for a few minutes daily and then proceed to chant your favourite mantra. If you are comfortable with that, take it to the next level and sing in the shower. Or better yet: take singing classes and really get to know your voice!

4. Practice asanas

Yoga poses like fish, camel, shoulder stand and plow open and stimulates your throat. Also turning the head from side to side, bringing chin to chest and turning the head up will do the trick to start with.

5. Laugh

Laughing is one of the best ways to let go. It instantly makes you feel better.

Practice fake laughing while brushing your teeth in the mornings. Watch your favorite comedy, go to a stand-up club or have fun with your friends. Laughing is a great way to cleanse the body and the mind.

Throat Chakra Is at the bottom of the throat and is perceived as clear blue. The Vishuddi relates to throat, mouth, neck, ears, lungs and shoulders. Imbalances in this area cause communication issues, lack of discernment, thyroid, ear, neck and throat problems.

Health issues: fever, ear infections, weariness, thyroid problems, disorders of the throat, ears, voice, neck, cervical spine, hypothalamus and oesophagus problems.

  1. Do you express your thoughts and feelings so others understand?
  2. Is your voice clear and resonant when you speak?
  3. Do you believe you have the right to make choices for yourself that empower you?
  4. Are you a good listener?
  5. Do you lie in order to get your way?
  6. Do you have a good sense of timing and rhythm?
  7. Are your head and your heart going in opposite directions?

Chakras – it’s a 24/7 job

Keeping the chakras open and balanced is constant work: if the lower chakras are out of balance, it will affect the higher chakras too. Constantly keep on checking where your action derives from. Your body signals to you when something needs fixing. It might sound like a lot of work at first to keep constant awareness on your thoughts, words, and actions, but it will bring you more love, health, and peace.

The seven chakras are a map that indicates if you are not present. If you worry too much about the past or the future, you will have a balance issue with the chakras. When you start working with the chakra system, you will notice that all the chakras teach you, in different ways, to focus on the now. When your inner world changes, it will change the outer world.

Seven major chakras

Root Chakra: Is located at the base of the spine. Bright red in color

Sacral Chakra Is situated about two inches below the navel Colour is Orange Click Here from more details
Navel Ckakra Is located at the upper stomach, below rib cage. The bright yellow Click Here from more details

Heart Chakra Is situated in the middle of the chest. Emerald Green Colour Click Here from more details

Third Eye Chakra Is in the middle of the forehead Spiritual indigo coloured Click Here from more details
Crown Chakra Is at the top of the head Colour associated Violet Click Here from more details

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