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Choose Us for holistic healing with ancient wisdom and modern science. Choose us for 72+ healing modalities and divine intuition for fast, effective results

Why Choose Us

Choose Us for Holistic Healing and Divine Guidance

Some of the Unique advantage in process of our healings are,”Why choose us”Why choose us

In the realm of holistic healing and divine guidance, our services stand out with unique advantages that cater to both the physical and financial well-being of our clients. Here’s why you should choose us:

Commitment to Social Causes:

  • A significant portion of your payment goes towards social causes, aligning with our belief that healing is a collaborative effort with divine powers.
  • Our clients receive blessings generated from noble causes, such as helping and feeding the needy.

Choose Us for Golden Rule of Prosperity:

  • We operate on the principle that positive actions return tenfold. Clients experience health and financial benefits in proportion to the positive energy they contribute.
  • Seeking divine help for healing connects clients with the means to comfortably pay for the healing process.

Choose Us Because of Our Root-Level Energy Healing:

  • While many energy healers focus on chakras and physical bodies, we delve into the root causes of negative energy at the DNA and cellular levels through Karma Healing.
  • Working on 72 different energy healing modalities ensures effective, fast, and lasting results.

Distant Healings with Scientific Precision:

  • All distant energy healings are conducted from the root level, combining modern scientific systems with Vedic processes.
  • Healers undergo thorough energy scanning to ensure purity and effectiveness.

Distant Healings with Scientific Precision:

  • All distant energy healings are conducted from the root level, combining modern scientific systems with Vedic processes.
  • The way we scan your Energy impurities with an Energy-Scanning process. Similarly, we also scan our Healers. When their energies have been purifying then only cases are given to them

Absolute Etheric Hygiene:

  • We prioritize the purity of energy by scanning the healer’s aura for contamination before assigning cases.
  • Aura energy healing is conducted remotely, and biofield photography proofs are provided for complete satisfaction.

Plus, Note: Choose Us as  All our Services are done with 100% satisfaction. Money Back Guarantee as we have complete faith. And confidence in our system that it works miraculously.


Choose Us for Our Distant Healings/Remote Healings

As spiritual energy is not limit by time and space, distant Healings becomes possible. Remote Healing is especially useful when there are physical or geographic limitations. Distant Healings are calming and promote the release of stress. They can also be revitalizing and help speed up recovery times for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Choose Us for Our Telepathic Communication Expertise:

  • Specializing in telepathic communication, we use divine energy spirits to encourage remote individuals or groups to collaborate in a mutually beneficial manner.
  • Applications include business deals, property disputes, legal matters, and relationship issues.


  • With expertise in 72 different remedial healing modalities, our center provides consultations based on the most effective options for each client.
  • Scanning consultancy services offer insights into the acceptance and effectiveness of chosen remedies.

Through the Scanning process, which remedies can be useful to you:

• Are they getting accepted?
• Did they start giving you desired result?
• How much percentage of effect will be coming?
• In how much time etc and so on?


Choose Us for Our Unique Specializations & Consultations with SatGurus Grace

Divine Intuitive Clairvoyance & Scientific DNA Voice Scanning

Satguru’s Grace goes beyond conventional methods by offering answers to your life’s questions through divine intuitive clairvoyance and scientific DNA voice scanning. Experience the power of receiving guidance over the phone, unlocking insights that your heart truly knows.

Pinpoint Healing at DNA Energy Level

Discover the ability to address specific issues and difficulties in your life without revealing personal details such as photos, astrology, or horoscopes. Satguru’s Grace offers pinpoint healing at the DNA energy level, providing tailored solutions to the challenges you face.

Vastu Changes without Building Alteration

Transform your living or working space into an energized haven comparable to the frequency of a temple. Satguru’s Grace achieves this through scientifically proven methods such as placing yantras and minerals, offering Vastu changes without the need for building alterations.

Remote Clearing & Divine Energy Healings for Properties

Satguru’s Grace extends its transformative energies to properties, lands, and buildings, facilitating clearings and divine energy healings for sale, purchase, negotiations, court cases, and more. Experience the shift in energy remotely.

Geopathic Stress & EMF Radiation Solutions

Combat the negative effects of geopathic stress and electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from mobile towers, mobile devices, TVs, microwaves, and air conditioners. Satguru’s Grace provides effective solutions to harmonize your surroundings.

Logo Analysis & Designing at Energy Level

Elevate your business’s energy by undergoing logo analysis and designing at the energy level. Discover the subtle aspects of the energy signals your company projects, influencing success, prosperity, and harmony.

Financial Planning Based on Strong Auric Panch Tatva

Receive personalized financial planning, equity, capital, and money market investment advice based on your strong auric Panch Tatva. Satguru’s Grace scans your energy to guide you on where, when, and how much to invest for optimal returns.

Root Cause Obstacles for Loans & Mergers

Gain insights into and clear root cause obstacles for obtaining loans. Receive guidance on mergers and acquisitions, funding for corporates, and merchant banking decisions, ensuring every choice aligns with divine connection and grace.

Project Transformation for Loss-Making Establishments

Satguru’s Grace undertakes projects to transform loss-making establishments. By scanning metaphysical parameters like employee energies, management, infrastructure, production, and sales, the organization can be elevated to a profit center.

Dream Therapy for Emotional Healing

Embark on a journey of emotional healing through dream therapy. Satguru’s Grace provides insights and support to help clear emotional pains, promoting overall well-being.

Aura-Biofield Photo Confirmation

Validate the authenticity of the transformative process with Aura-Biofield photos, confirming the positive changes in your energy field.

Aura and Energy Analysis:

  • Aura and energy analysis uncover doshas, providing accurate and authentic insights into the challenges faced by clients.
  • Divine intuitive clairvoyance and scientific scanning instruments ensure precise results.

Choose Us Because of Our Global Reach with Distant Healings:

  • Spiritual energy being beyond time and space, distant healings are effective for overcoming physical and geographic limitations.
  • Remote healing is calming, stress-releasing, and accelerates recovery for various issues.

Choose Us Because of Our Comprehensive Services

Choose usDistant Healings Remote Healings Scientific Precision Energy Analysis
Meditating human in lotus pose. Yoga illustration. Colorful 9 chakras and aura glow. Mandala background.
  • One-stop center for physical, mental, and emotional needs, offering remote healing, property solutions, financial planning, and more.
  • Services are accessible globally through phone appointments and free mobile consultations.

In conclusion, choose us for a transformative journey towards health, wealth, and happiness. Our unique approach combines ancient wisdom with modern science, ensuring effective and lasting results for our clients.

For appointments and consultations, contact us at

Call now from any part of WORLD for phone Appointment and get the FREE consultation to know about your physical body discomforts to get faith in our system that it works Miraculously……….

All this and much more Just over Phone. Without giving any of your Photos Astrology or Horoscope details.

We are living in the times now when all can be Heal.

One Stop Center for all your Physical, Mental & Emotional Needs.

Choose the path of holistic healing and transformation. Call or message for a phone appointment and a free mobile consultation via WhatsApp at +91 8121647878.

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Dhan SatGuru Dev


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