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Aura Scanning Charges


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Online Aura Photo Graph Service – Aura Scanning Charges

Description: Unlock the mysteries of your aura with our Online Aura Photo Graph service! Capture the essence of your energy with precision and clarity through ten meticulously taken photographs, revealing the nuances of your aura from different angles. Whether you’re delving into aura healing, exploring spirituality, or simply curious about the energy that surrounds you, our service offers an insightful glimpse into your inner world.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Aura Scanning: Ten high-quality photographs covering frontal and back views, capturing the aura from head to abdomen and abdomen to feet.
  • Accurate Analysis: Gain deeper insights into your energy field for enhanced self-awareness and understanding.
  • Easy Process: Simply follow our specifications for taking the perfect aura photos, ensuring optimal results.
  • Aura Photo Frame: Wear white cotton or linen against a matte white, clean background for optimal visualization.
  • User-Friendly Guidelines: Clear instructions are provided for positioning, lighting, and photo format to ensure accuracy.
  • Affordable Pricing: Pay just $5 USD or Rs300 per photograph, with a discounted rate of $300 for the full set of ten photos.


  • Image Format: JPG, not exceeding 1MB per photo
  • Distance: Stand approximately 2 meters or 4 to 6 feet away from the camera/tripod
  • Lighting: Ensure even distribution of light in the subject area
  • Timing: Take photographs on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after eating

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