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Welcome to the fascinating world of Vastu Shastra Principles, where positive energy flows freely, bringing prosperity, health, and harmony into your home.

We offer Energy Vastu Solutions using scientifically proven yantras and minerals, without the need for building alterations for Positive energy in the House.

Our Consultants use energy-scanning instruments to identify and address any imbalances in your space. We also specialize in clearing Geopathic Stress and EMF Radiations from devices such as mobile phones, TVs, microwaves, air conditioners, etc. Additionally,

Our goal is to create an energized space that resonates with the frequency of a temple, bringing prosperity and harmony into your home. To demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions, we can provide before and after Aura Snaps (Energy of the House becomes a Temple)

Online Vastu Consultant in USA for Home Vastu Solution Fixes for Wealth, Health & Harmony.

Home Solution, Fixes can positively impact various aspects of your life including wealth flow, health concerns, relationship dynamics, career growth, stress levels, and sleep quality. Our simple fixes are designed to harmonize your space and promote prosperity and well-being.

  1. Financial Strain: Incorrect Vastu Principles may disrupt wealth flow.
  2. Health Concerns: Poorly aligned spaces may impact well-being.
  3. Relationship Struggles: Disharmony might affect interpersonal dynamics.
  4. Career Hurdles: Obstructive energy flow can impede professional growth.
  5. Stress and Anxiety: Disrupted suspected Vastu dosh may contribute to emotional distress.
  6. Sleep Disturbances: Inadequate energy balance can affect sleep quality.

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Vastu Tips for a Happy Home: Entrance Gate, Living Room, Main Door, and Wind Chimes for Positive Energy

  1. Entrance Gate: Face the entrance gate towards the north or east for prosperity. Ensure it opens clockwise and isn’t blocked by any obstacles.
  2. Living Room Vastu Tips: Position the living room in the northeast to enhance positive energy at home. Use light colors for decor and keep the space clutter-free.
  3. Main Door: The main door should be the largest in the house, preferably in wood, and adorned with auspicious symbols like Om or Swastika.
  4. Wind Chimes: Hang metal wind chimes near the main entrance. Their soothing sound dispels negative energy in the house and attracts good vibes. Avoid placing them in bedrooms for peaceful sleep.

Paanchbhootas / As Per Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu Shastra Principles, an ancient Indian science of architecture, serves as guidelines of vastu designing spaces that resonate with positive energies. By integrating principles from astronomy and astrology, It creates an environment that enhances wealth flow, health, prosperity, and happiness.

This mystical science revolves around the five elements known as “Panchbhootas” – Earth (Bhumi), Water (Jala), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), and Ether (Akasha). Balancing these elements with human presence and materials used forms the foundation of its principles.

This science dates back to the Vedas, the most ancient books of knowledge. It is a part of the Upaveda focusing on creating a suitable living place. There are four main types of Vastu: Bhoomi (land), Prasada (palaces and buildings), Yana (vehicles), and Sayana (furniture and tools).

Various ancient texts such as ‘Artha Sastra,’ ‘Brihat Samhita,’ and ‘Manasara’ delve into the intricacies of this Science, covering everything from constructing villages and landscapes to architectural principles. The magnetic influence of Earth is acknowledged, emphasizing the importance of aligning spaces with Earth’s magnetic energy.

Vastu is from ‘Vasanivase, ‘ which means a good place to live. As per the ancient books of knowledge in the science of architecture, It dates back to the Vedas. While Astrology is said to be a part of Vedanga, the Upaveda is known as Vastu.

It is a science of architecture, which means a place suitable for living.

It dates back to the Vedas, the most ancient books of knowledge.

Four Types of Vastu Home Four types of Energy Vastu Solutions Vastu Vastu for Home Vastu Shastra Home Vastu Vastu Consultant in USA

There are four types: 1) Bhoomi – which deals with the selection of a site/land 2) Prasada – which deals with Palaces and buildings 3) Yana – Vehicles, Bullock Carts and ships 4) Sayana – furniture, tools, and utensils.

Kautilya’s ‘Artha Sastra’ defines constructing Villages, Landscapes, Gardens, Bridges, Ponds, and Lakes.

Varahamihira, in his great work ‘Brihat Samhita’, deals with a lot of Its knowledge like weather forecasting, earthquake forecasting, rainfall, architecture, exploration of water springs, etc.

The great book on Vastu’ Manasara’ discusses architectural and sculptural construction principles. Mānasāra, or Manasa or Manasara Shilpa Shastra, is an ancient Sanskrit treatise on Indian architecture and design. Organized into 70 adhyayas (chapters) and 10,000 shlokas (verses),

‘Mayamatam’ of Maya had built the great Maya Sabha of Pandavas (of Mahabharatha times).

This is productive work with 36 chapters, starting from the fundamental question of selecting a site/land for construction, building positive energy into a house/temple, different ways of construction, etc.

Samarangana Sutradhara,’ authored by King Bhoja (1018 – 1060 AD), contains many subjects on house development, town planning, and temple architecture.

Vastu Shashtra – The Perfect Architect Vastu Expert Near Me

ASTRO VASTU SOLUTION Vastu Vastu for Home Vastu Shastra Home Vastu Vastu Consultant in USAVastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture that helps create a harmonious environment for living and working. Utilizing the benefits of nature’s elements and energy fields, enhances wealth flow, health, prosperity, and happiness.

This mystic science combines science with artistry by integrating astronomy and astrology into its principles. It serves as a guide for designing buildings that contribute to better lives by ensuring they are in alignment with positive energies.

Four Main Directions Vastu for Home

Four main directions are identified: East (Purva), South (Dakshina), West (Paschima), and North (Uttara). Additionally, four corner points are formed by the intersection of these directions: Southeast (Agneya), Southwest (Nairitya), Northwest (Vayavya), and Northeast (Ishanya). These directions play a crucial role in the flow of energy within a space.

Another four corners of your home are formed at intersection points of four directions: SE, SW, NW, and NE.

The Magnetic Influence of Earth

Vastu Shastra - The Perfect Architect Vastu Vastu for Home Vastu Shastra Home Vastu Vastu Consultant in USAThe Earth itself is a magnet with its magnetic North pole located in the Universal South direction while its magnetic South pole is located in the Universal North direction.

This means that Earth’s magnetic lines travel from South to North. Sleeping with your head towards the North can lead to skull-related problems as it increases blood flow to the head due to the alignment with Earth’s magnetism. It means Earth’s magnetism also influences our lives.

We provide the best Vastu tips with our Vastu Consultant Near Me and Vastu Consultant in the USA which addresses imbalances in your space without the need for building alterations. Our scientifically proven methods can enhance wealth flow, health, prosperity, and happiness. By incorporating the principles of Vastu Shastra and working with the five elements, we create an enlightened environment that promotes well-being.

Kitchen Vastu Tips, Room Vastu Tips & Pooja Room Vastu Tips for Positive Energy in Your Home

Learn how to invite positive energy from entering your home with our expert Vastu tips to bring Positive Energy into a house. From the north-east direction of your Pooja room to the layout of your living room following the right Vastu tips, every aspect of your home can radiate positivity.

10 Vastu Tips for Positive Energy and Vastu Remedies for Common Defects

Vastu Vastu for Home Vastu Shastra Home Vastu Vastu Consultant in USA Vastu Vastu for Home Vastu Shastra Home Vastu Vastu Consultant in USAPooja Room top Vastu tips: Designate a sacred space for prayer and meditation in your home. Follow the guidelines to create a harmonious and serene atmosphere in your Pooja room.

Bedroom as per Vastu tips: Optimize the energy in your bedroom by placing the bed in the right direction and avoiding clutter. Tips for the bedroom contribute to a peaceful and restful environment.

Kitchen Vastu Tips: Ensure the flow of positive energy in the heart of your home, and energy in the kitchen. Follow guidelines for placing the stove, sink, and other kitchen elements to bring positivity into your cooking and dining experience.

Room Vastu Tips for Positive Vibes: Apply Its principles to all rooms in your home. From the living room to the study, align the furniture and decor to invite positive energy to your home and create a harmonious environment.

Entrance Gate Vastu Tips: The main entrance is where positive energy enters your home. Adorn it with auspicious symbols, such as wind chimes or a beautiful entrance door, to attract positive energy.

Vastu Tips for Home: Implement tips, like choosing the right colours, avoiding broken vastu items, and arranging furniture in a balanced manner to maintain positive energy throughout your home.

Remove Negative Energy: Identify and rectify dosh (defects) in your home using appropriate remedies. This helps in removing negative energy and restoring a positive atmosphere.

Main Door as per the Vastu Tips: The main door is the gateway for cosmic energy. Ensure it opens inwards and is well-maintained this promotes the flow of positive energy into your home.

Sunlight and Fresh Air: Keep your home well-lit and ventilated to allow positive sunlight and fresh air to circulate. These natural elements contribute to uplifting the energy levels within your living space.

Absorb all the Negative Energy: Place mirrors or televisions strategically to absorb unwanted energy and redirect it toward creating a positive area of your home. This helps to create a balanced energy flow.

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