Movie Energy Healing

Box Office Hit with Intuitive Movie Energy Healing
Box Office Hit with Intuitive Movie Energy Healing

Movie Energy Healing

Make Your Film Box Office Hit. With movie energy healing, we guide you with scriptwriting, casting, and funding. Align Film’s Energy With Auric Panchtatva For Ultimate Success

Process of Doing Movie Healing

In the Process of Doing Movie Healing, Movie Therapy, We do DNA Voice Scanning & with Divine Intuitive Clairvoyance, you can know all the answers related to The making process, likeMovie Healing,Making Movie, Movie Therapy

What should be the Subject of the Movie,

Who should be the Actor, Actress, Director,

Also, we guide you in Writing the Script, How to draw for storyboarding, Funding for your Film, How to find Cast and crew for your Film, Scouting for Locations, Preparing a Shooting Script, Organizing a Schedule

We Guide in What Should the Movie Name Based on Energy Astro-Numerology.

We also do your Movie Planning based on your Strong Auric Panchtatva. If your Movie is Allied to your Auric Panchtatva, it is the sure shot to be a Box office Hit With SatGurus Grace.

Making Movie Or Movie Energy Healing

Making Movie With Intuitive Energy Scanning, we make the Funding business plan for how your movie will be made, marketed and sold – and how much this will cost you.

We have a high ability in PSYCHIC ADVERTISING. This technique can be utilized for getting good business for your movies; it’s also mainly used for attracting prospective actors, Actresses, and directors of your choice.

PSYCHIC ADVERTISING Technique can also be utilized to get the right buyers and sellers, find the right deals, advertise Market items/administrations, find the right partners and employees, and find the correct clients.

We guide you in every critical step, from making a movie to making it hit the box office, with Satgurus Grace to make the right decisions, as every minor decision in these deals will be of great importance, like production, advertising, and direction.

Movie Therapymovie-energy-healing-movie-therapy

Then we Check other metaphysical parameters like Black Magic, Spirits, Vastu, Nazar/Evil Eye/ Curse or Sharp  Dosh, etc.

Sometimes Nazar/Evil Eye/ Curse or Sharp  Dosh, Etc. are so effective that they can create Hidden Obstacles in the Movie-Making Process.

Once all the parameters are in place, With our Professional process of Movie Healing at the DNA Level, we Remove All Blocks Holding to make your Movie Sure Shot Box office Hit.

Writing of the Script

Through our Movie Therapy Process and energy Scanning Process, we guide you in writing your Script. We scan general terms for a written work detailing the story, setting, dialogue, Etc.

How to draw for Storyboarding

we guide as per Energy Scanning: A sequence of rough sketches created by an illustrator to communicate significant changes of action or plot in a scene.

Don’t worry if you can’t draw too well: Storyboarding aims to communicate your film vision to a crew working under your direction. For them to understand what you’re trying to achieve is imperative. This saves a lot of communication problems when you eventually come to film on set, making your life as a director a lot easier.

Funding For Your Film and Attract the Right Cast and Crew

Once you’ve finished your Script and storyboards, you may want to send them off to certain companies to try to get financing for your film, allowing you to hire professional equipment or people.


Ex: Business Deals, Explaining your Point of View, Solving Disputes, Legal Matters, Relationship Issues and so forth, Movie Therapy

How to find Cast & Crew for your Movie Therapy Healing

Cast & crew are vital if you are to make your film successful. There are several resources available to find the people you need.

For Crew, Visit:

Scouting for Locations

Filming occurs at a place, not a construct. Specifically, the production is said to be ‘on location’. This is usually outdoors, at a well-known location. Or a natural place that suffices.

Preparing a Shooting Script

Contains scenes put in the request for recording. For the most part, it has specialized notes as well as drawings. A shooting content essential breaks the film into scenes, set in a grouping as they are to be recorded on set/location.

These can incorporate any portrayals or photos of areas, including thoughts you may wish to film in and scene breakdowns, sorts of shots (i.e., The following image) and specialized drawings.

Organizing a Schedule

Your schedule is to accompany your shooting script.
A schedule gives you control over the day-to-day shooting of the Film Industry Healing. You can allocate how much time you feel is needed for each shot by simultaneously looking at your storyboards and shooting script.

Scheduling will undoubtedly test your patience. You must make countless calls and send numerous E-mails to ensure all your Cast and crew are available on the days you want to shoot. If one person can’t make it, you must reorganize the whole day again.


Uncover the Secrets of Your Life and Business with Intuitive Guidance, DNA Voice Scanning, and Movie Healing

Experience the profound power of Intuitive Guidance, DNA Voice Scanning, and Movie Healing to gain deep insights into your life’s challenges, family, finances, and business, and even unlock the path to creating a box office hit movie.

Attract Right Cast and Crew

Attract the Right Cast and Crew with Our Intuitive Energy Scanning and Psychic Advertising techniques to help you connect with your movie’s perfect Cast and crew, fostering a harmonious and productive working environment.

Embrace Movie Healing for Box Office Success

Harness the power of Movie Healing to identify and remove negative energies hindering your movie’s success. Receive guidance on every aspect of filmmaking, from scriptwriting and casting to marketing and distribution.

Overcome Negative Influences

Eliminate the impact of negative energies, such as Black Magic, Vastu Dosh, and Nazar, that could hinder your movie’s progress. Our Movie Healing process involves identifying and removing these energies, creating a clear and positive path for your movie’s success.

Embrace Satguru’s Grace

Throughout your journey, we emphasize the transformative power of Satguru’s Grace. This divine energy guides our efforts and empowers us to make decisions that align with our highest potential.

Experience Holistic Healing and Unfold Your True Potential

Our services extend beyond movie healing. We offer consultations on over 72 remedial healing modalities, ensuring you receive the most effective and personalized healing solutions.

In addition to DNA Voice Scanning, we also offer a variety of other healing modalities, including:

  • Movie Healing: This specialized service helps filmmakers identify and remove hidden obstacles that may hinder their movie’s success.
  • Astro-Numerology: By analyzing your astrological chart and numerology readings, we can provide you with insights into your personality, talents, and challenges.
  • Geopathic Stress Healing: We can identify and neutralize geopathic stress, which is negative energy that can cause physical and emotional problems.
  • Aura and Chakra Healing: We can cleanse and balance your aura and chakras, which can help you feel more energized, confident, and balanced.

With our guidance and support, you can better understand yourself, your life, and your business. You can also overcome challenges, achieve your goals, and live a more fulfilling life.

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Embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, holistic healing, and cinematic excellence. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover the limitless possibilities.

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