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Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh occurs when ancestors’ Soul do not get peace in their Dimensions For

Pitra DoshAncestors Ascension, we can talk to them & guide them for their forward Journey.

In the vast tapestry of Hindu astrology, Pitra Dosh stands out as a celestial phenomenon believed to impact the lives of individuals. This astrological dosh, or flaw, is associated with the ancestral lineage and is considered significant in Vedic astrology. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Pitra Dosh, exploring its causes, effects, and potential remedies.

Ascension of Ancestors

Embarking on the ethereal ascent, our ancestors transcend the confines of mortality, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of time. The ascension of ancestors is a sacred voyage, an eternal odyssey that transcends the boundaries of earthly existence.

Through the ages, their wisdom echoes in the whispers of the wind, guiding us with ancestral insights. As we honour their legacy, we partake in a cosmic dance, weaving the threads of our lineage into the fabric of the universe.

The ascension of ancestors is not an end but a beginning—an everlasting connection that unites generations, creating a celestial bridge between past, present, and the infinite beyond.

Understanding Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh is often attributed to the displeasure of departed ancestors or forefathers. According to Vedic astrology, if the ancestors have not attained peace or their souls are restless due to unfulfilled desires or unresolved issues, Pitra Dosh can be formed in an individual’s horoscope.

Causes of Pitra Dosh:

  1. Ancestral Karma: Pitra Dosh is believed to be a consequence of the harmful karmic deeds committed by ancestors. Unresolved issues or unfulfilled desires of the departed souls may affect the current generation.
  2. Curses or Oaths: In some cases, curses or unfulfilled oaths taken by ancestors can lead to the formation of Pitra Dosh. These unresolved elements can affect the family’s well-being.

Effects of Pitra Dosh:

  1. Financial Issues: Individuals with Pitra Dosh in their horoscope may face economic instability or challenges in wealth accumulation.
  2. Health Problems: Pitra Dosh is associated with health issues, both physical and mental. Chronic ailments and psychological disturbances may be more prevalent.
  3. Obstacles in Marriage: Pitra Dosh is believed to contribute to delays or difficulties in marriage. It may also cause discord in marital relationships.
  4. Professional Setbacks: Career and professional growth may be hindered, leading to stagnation or setbacks in one’s professional life.
Remedies for Pitra Dosh:Remedies for Pitra Dosh
  1. Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja: Performing a Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja can help appease the ancestors and seek their blessings. This ritual involves offering prayers, performing homams (fire ceremonies), and making offerings to mitigate the dosh.
  2. Pind Daan: Pind Daan is a ritual where food offerings are made to the departed souls. This act is believed to provide salvation to the ancestors and alleviate the effects of Pitra Dosh.
  3. Charity and Donations: Engaging in charitable activities and donating to causes associated with ancestral well-being can help balance the adverse effects of Pitra Dosh.
  4. Worship of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva: Devotees often turn to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva for blessings and protection against the adverse effects of Pitra Dosh. Regular prayers and rituals dedicated to these deities are believed to bring relief.
Who Become Pitra
There are many Myths about Pitra, and many people don’t even know about Pitra. Coming to the point now, all those family members who die unexpectedly, i.e. in accident, disease, or die with some wish unfulfilled, become Pitra.
Not all need to become Pitra, but most of them are. Pitra is a “Yoni”, and they are between Humans and God. In other words, we can say that they are the mediators. Every family has its own Pitra; only those members can worship them for fruitful results. After death,
if the dead one goes to Pitra Yoni, he must be cherished forever. Pitra Dosh never goes to heaven or hell; they have their category and are associated with their family until the dynasty exists.
There are many cases in which people die unexpectedly, but they don’t become Pitra; this is because they don’t want any support from their family after death and dissolve themself in God.

A Pitra Dosh is formed in the horoscope of a person when their forefathers have committed some mistakes, crimes or sins, such as if any family member kills a cow or destroys a foetus in the womb or if anyone in the family dies an unnatural death, etc.

Types of Pitra

There are two types of Pitra.

A) Shant Pitra: These are those who become Pitra Dosh after death but are out of the Human issues. They believe in God and don’t mind if they are worshipped or not. If a family has this kind of Pitra, they don’t need to worship. These Pitra are happy in both cases if treated with respect or not.
They don’t have any connection with their family members in this case. God is the final judge of the family. God has the direct power to work for that person. These Pitra are involved in “Bhajans” and “Satsang”, and after staying some time in “Pitra Yoni”, they go to “Amar Lok Dham”, which is a heaven where they meet other saints and remain in peace.

B) Ashant Pitra: These are those who are dead but are still stuck with their family emotionally. Ashanti Pitra wants the same respect and care as the other family members. They are furious by nature, although they don’t harm the family very much, yes problems like money keep disease or ill Health coming.

They want their food and respect on time. They are very effective in giving results and, once happy, can get you the fastest outcomes. Even impossible work is not hard for them. Ashant Pitra can even change luck.

Ancestral healing can be a powerful tool for healing and transformation. If you are open to the process, traditional Ancestral healing can help you live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

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